People’s Brewing Co. to Present New “Boiler Black” American Black Ale to Ross-Ade Stadium

People’s Brewing Co. to Present New “Boiler Black” American Black Ale to Ross-Ade Stadium

LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue football fans will have a new boiler in Ross-Ade Stadium this weekend (Boiler Black, an American Black Ale), a complement to the university-branded Boiler Gold-American Ale.

People’s Brewing Company and Purdue University announced a partnership last year (Sept. 1) which brought Boiler Gold Ale to fans at Ross-Ade Stadium and the 1869 Tap Room in the Memorial Union. The new, Boiler Black, will be available this Homecoming Weekend in the same locations and will be available in Indiana and Illinois retailers from Chicago to Indianapolis in the coming weeks.

The Boiler Black Ale is an American Style Porter with roasted malt flavors and a black appearance.  Made with local hops and malts from farms in the Lafayette and surrounding counties.  “We designed the Boiler Black to have an approachable roasted character for fans of a darker full-flavored beer,” said People’s Brewing Company owner Chris Johnson “and we developed the beer on the new brewhouse in Department of Food Science on Purdue University’s main campus.”

Purdue and People’s Brewing Company have an ongoing partnership to work on collaborative studies and continue to develop the new Fermentation Sciences program in the Department of Food Science on topics related to the craft beer industry. The program builds on foundational sciences including microbiology, biochemistry, and engineering to have practical applications in the food and beverage industry, biopharmaceuticals, biofuel production and other ag-related industries.

Johnson is working with Brian Farkas, head of the Department of Food Science to build an opportunity for students to learn the sciences behind fermentation and the skills to obtain jobs in the brewing industry which continues to grow in Indiana and around the country.

“We are so excited to see the progress with the program launching and the interest students are showing in fermentation science,” said Johnson “we hope Boiler Black will be able to continue help expand the opportunities even more.”

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