More Than Just Beer To Keep You Busy At Noblesville Brew Fest

More Than Just Beer To Keep You Busy At Noblesville Brew Fest


By Tyler McCord for Indiana On Tap

It was a perfect weekend for another awesome brewfest. First, it wasn’t too hot, yet the sun was out. Second, the location that was chosen for the Noblesville Brewfest was perfect! Located right in the middle of Forest Park there was just enough space to fit in all three tents, a band, a place for food trucks, and a place for a cornhole playing area. This is, from I’m noticing, starting to become a common theme with brew fests and I have to be honest here: I’m really loving it.

It’s not that brew fests are “boring” or anything like that. Not by any means, actually. Let’s be honest though: when people drink and they aren’t given anything to entertain themselves with, bad things start to happen. More and more of the brew fests that I have been going attending are starting to provide more and more things to keep you occupied while you enjoy all the delicious beers that are available.

​The Noblesville Brewfest was no different with the delicious beers they had to offer. In the three tents there two of the tents were reserved for trying bottled beers from everywhere. There were bottled beers from Leinenkugel, Magic Hat, Angry Orchard, Horny Goat and many others. Now, I know what you are thinking “none of those are Indiana breweries though”. And I would have to agree with you, but there were a couple of Indiana breweries that were represented in the two bottle tents. There was one other tent though, and this tent was the most popular tent at the fest.

The third and final tent was where all of the Indiana breweries were. There were close to 20 Indiana breweries under this third tent, and this tent was, by far, the most popular tent of the entire fest. The Indiana breweries did not disappoint the crowd either. Each one of them bringing only their best beer. After going around and sampling each brewery at least once I went ahead and ventured out into the crowd. I wanted to talk to a few people who had been the the Noblesville Brew Fest in the previous years. I wanted to see how this one stacked up.

Every person that I found that had been to the fest before in the past said that this year was the best. They were loving all the activities that they had available to them. They were loving all of the great Indiana beer. Some even said it was one of the best brewery lineups that they had seen at the fest so far. I even found a couple of first time attendees who assured me that they would be back again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that, and…well, you get the point. Bottom line is that everyone had an amazing time.

Don’t worry! I’m not going to end this without talking about a few of my favorite beers. There were quite a few of them that I could write about from this fest. Actually, I could probably write something about every one of the beers there. There were some old favorites and some new favorites as well.

Chapman’s Brewing Company – Undaunted IPA – This was a stand out beer for me. First, because I love IPAs. Second because the guys at Chapman’s know how to make a delicious beer. Even if you aren’t an IPA fan, the Undaunted IPA is easy to drink and is not “in your face” hoppy.

Indiana City Brewing – Black Lantern IPA – Little known fact about me, if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, but other than being a craft beer enthusiast, I am a huge geek. I mean, I have shelves of comics and I have a huge knowledge of what some might call “useless” knowledge of super heroes and alternate universes and video games. So of course I had to try Black Lantern with the tagline of “The darkest days. The blackest nights”. This tasty little black IPA hit every single spot that you would ever want a beer to hit.

Redemption Alewerks – Atonement APA – Fun fact: These guys are now brewing on location at 96th street! So that means that you should go there and try the Atonement APA! Actually, you should probably just try everything that they have there because there hasn’t been one beer that I haven’t enjoyed from these guys.


​The Noblesville Brewfest will be one that I keep an eye one every year now. I had an amazing time, met some awesome people, and really got to know even more of the brewers than I knew before. Plus, being able to rock out to the band LivingProof and enjoy some great food from the local food trucks will always lead to a great time!


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