Mind Over Mash Begins Canning For Taproom Sales

Mind Over Mash Begins Canning For Taproom Sales

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

Brownsburg has taken to its new brewery. Mind Over Mash Brewing Company, located on Southpoint Circle near the John Force Racing headquarters and others, has been packing people in since they opened just over three months ago. Owners Mike Huffman and Bobby Klene are making beers for discriminating drinkers after honing their skills and recipes in home brew. Hop Lord and other beers have translated well on their 20 bbl system (10 bbl kettle), so well in fact that it’s come time to start canning them.

image credit: Mind Over Mash Brewing

iDeal Canning (a new mobile canner) has made the trip to Brownsburg for the past couple of days in order to make the first canning run for Mind Over Mash, including the Oso Pale Ale, Hop Lord IPA, and the Old Dungeon English Brown. Available for now as taproom purchases only (for carryout, not onsite consumption), it’s only a matter of time before Mind Over Mash beers will be making their way out to bars and stores. OK, that may be a bit premature, but canning after just three months is an accomplishment in itself. Most new breweries are just trying to keep their patrons in beer at this point, learning the system and ramping up production – especially for a couple of guys still working day jobs.

Before can be packaged and pushed out the door in distribution, the government has to approve names and labels, but that doesn’t mean that that Bobby and Mike haven’t started playing with ideas for labels. Staying ahead of the game is part of growing in a timely fashion. Look for the cans to come to the taproom in a couple of weeks, and for Lazy Saturday Blonde Ale a few weeks after that.

But don’t worry, the beer going into cans won’t subtract from the beer available in the taproom. The guys have just started doing double batches Lazy Saturday, enough to fill a 20 bbl fermenter, yet they have plenty of room for more beer. Mind Over Mash is running at about 30-40% capacity. That’s good news for all of us.

Make the trip out to Brownsburg soon. Mind Over Mash is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5-9pm, Fridays from 5-11pm, Saturdays from 1-11pm, and 1-6pm on Sundays. If the weather is nice, they’ll have the big door up and be using the indoor/outdoor bar.

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