Mad Anthony Brewing’s 20th Anniversary Includes Remodel of Brewpub

Mad Anthony Brewing’s 20th Anniversary Includes Remodel of Brewpub

by Indiana On Tap editorial staff

As part of the 20th Anniversary celebration of Mad Anthony Brewing, the original brewpub at 2002 Broadway in Ft. Wayne will close for remodeling, starting on the 18th of February. The construction should take two weeks, give or take a couple of days for the unexpected, say Josh Volz, Director or Marketing and Design for Mad Anthony.

The changes for the space had been planned for some time, but tying them in with the anniversary seemed to be the perfect time to carry them out. The footprint inside the brewpub will change, with a few walls moved, new decor, counters, lighting, and display spaces, but the feel of the restaurant should still reflect the original room. Josh acknowledges that they have patrons that go back many years, so they were careful not to change the ambience of Mad Anthony’s dining room and bar.

“I think that we’re doing a lot of big changes with the look of the place, but not so much that it’s going to take everybody’s previous things that they liked about our restaurant,” said Josh, adding, “I don’t think those are going to go away. I think physically it’s going to look a little different, but we’re going to keep that same feel.”

The production brewery is offsite and will not undergo any changes, and the pilot brewery inside the brewpub at 2002 Broadway was recently updated, so it will not change during this remodel. Mosaic Building Solutions is the contractor for the work, and will be doing some behind the scenes work as well to add a few pieces of new equipment to the kitchen. Josh told Indiana On Tap that any decor elements that happen to be retired will be saved and perhaps held for charity auction, but there are no current plans to retire anything to major.

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