Mad Anthony Brewing Company: 5 Reasons to Visit Their Brewery

Mad Anthony Brewing Company: 5 Reasons to Visit Their Brewery

Being a newbie to the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, I didn’t know what to expect from the craft beer scene. The first and only place I immediately recognized was the Mad Anthony Brewing Company. Here are just a few of the many reasons I will be going back:

1. Beer, duh
Good Karma IPA was one of the first beers I had from the Mad Brew collection, and it did not disappoint. Coming in at 55 IBU with a crisp citrus charm, it’s a happy medium for those that aren’t crazy hop heads. I’m sure all of their house brews are quality (I can’t say I’ve had them all personally) BUT what I was really impressed by was their seasonal selection. They have lots of other fruity/citrus summer beers (aside from their Ruby Raspberry) on the menu which are perfect after a long day in the heat. I was able to try their Horse House Honey Cream Ale, a light and smooth beverage, which was exactly what I needed after a full day in the sun.

2. Scooby Snacks
The human version of course. This potato wedge appetizer raises the bar in brewpub grub. It would be a good compliment to just about any type of beer. The rest of the menu (including dessert) is full of a wide variety of excellent meals. I highly recommend the short rib grilled cheese and the lemon cake for dessert.Mad Anthony

3. Community Involvement
This is such a high priority on their list they have an entire section of their website dedicated to it. Some of the various organizations they have supported in the past are Fort Wayne Trials, S.C.A.N., and the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

4. Location
The Angola location specifically is right alongside Lake James. This scenic summer town is ideal for a weekend getaway filled with sandy beaches and any watersport you can think of. The outdoor patio has musical talent every weekend and overlooks the picturesque lake. I almost forgot that I was still in Indiana. If that seems like too much of a trek, there are three other locations that can feed your Mad Brew fix (Fort Wayne, Auburn, and Warsaw).

5. People
Something everyone knows but no one typically acknowledges out loud: the staff matters. I’ve had plenty of mixed experiences with bartenders and servers, but my encounter at Mad Anthony stuck out for all the right reasons. The staff was incredibly attentive, knowledgeable about the beer, and ultimately wanted to make sure I was enjoying my time to the fullest.

Mad for Mad Brew,

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