Job Opening – Brewer – South Bend Brew Werks

Job Opening – Brewer – South Bend Brew Werks


Job Title:  Brewer

Location:  South Bend Brew Werks, South Bend, Indiana

Here at South Bend Brew Werks we pride ourselves on building a stronger community, one brew at a time and we want to make damn sure that it’s a great brew, each and every time.

So we need an amazing brewer who is as creative as they are diligent and detail oriented.

That’s where you come in! We are seeking someone to join our team who has the experience or confidence to step in and contribute to this new and growing enterprise as our in-house expert on beer and all things brewing. Remember, you’re not just a brewer, you’re part of a team working hard to help revitalize a city that somehow forgot how cool it was.

We’re not going to lie to you, we are definitely not glamorous. We have a 1 barrel all-electric brew house, we ferment in blue plastic 55 gallon drums with food grade liners, and we take that fermented goodness straight into kegs.

However, we don’t anticipate staying this way forever. We have dreams of expanding by copying our concept to other locations in this revitalizing city and creating a main production facility. This is your chance to get in at the ground level!

Learn more about South Bend Brew Werks at

Below are listed examples of some of the job responsibilities of a South Bend Brew Werks Brewer:

A. Daily duties
• Take level readings on the serving tanks.
• Monitor sugar decrease in fermenters.
• Monitor quality and temperature of fermenting beers.
• Monitor quality, flavor and carbonation of serving beers.
• Monitor usage of serving beers.
• Brew beer when a fermenter is empty.
• Manage and monitor everything listed below.
• Rearrange production schedule as necessary daily.
• Reschedule Assistant Brewer’s time as necessary.
B. Weekly duties
• Verify beerlines were cleaned, or clean them.
• Create brew/filter production schedule.
• Fill out and fax Weekly Beer Management Report.
C. Semi-monthly duties
• Federal BATF excise taxes.
D. Monthly duties
• Federal BATF excise taxes.
• State excise taxes (TTB or TABC).
• Inventory at the brewery
• Represent South Bend Brew werks at local small brewer association meetings
E. Bi-monthly duties
• Take delivery of grain/malt in grain room.
F. Quarterly duties
• Take delivery of specialty malt. Verify order and sort by type for future inventory taking.
• Deep-clean outsides of tanks, floors, etc.
G. Semi-annual duties
• Preventative maintenance acid washing and re-passivation of all tanks. (Including mash screens and DE Filter.)
• Take butterfly valves apart for cleaning.
H. Irregularly scheduled duties
• Attend and work at beer festivals, promoting South Bend Brew Werks. (Get everything ready – beer, jockeybox, CO2, coasters, banner, displays & literature.)
• Talk to the media.
• Talk to the public (our customers or people passing through).
• Personally answer inquiries from microbrew enthusiasts.
• Give tours.
• Teach managers & bartenders to give tours if possible.
• Give speeches to local service clubs, conferences, etc.
• Read brewing periodicals to keep up with technology.
• Keep ears open for possible future competition in your area.
• Deal with South Bend Brew Werks insurance people, local and regional regulators, and any other authority a brewery must deal with regularly or at irregular intervals.
• Schedule new managers and bartenders to brew one day in the brewhouse with you.

I. Manage the Brewery.
• Design new beer recipes.
• Monitor customer’s comments and raw materials in order to modify current regular beer recipes when necessary, and permission has been granted to do so.
• Hire, train, and if necessary, fire Assistant Brewers.
• Have knowledge of total operations: All equipment.
• Design new procedures when necessary, and permission has been granted to do so.
• Inform Drew of any new procedures.
• Inform Drew of any quality control problems.
• Inform Drew of beer scheduling problems. (ie: running out of beer.)
• Do whatever the owners or Drew ask you to do, unless it is illegal.
J. Manage OSHA
• Keep the MSDS binder up-to-date.
• Keep records of safety meetings and topics.
• Follow recommendations to keep in compliance.
• Try to stay abreast of new requirements/regulations.
• If possible, try to involve General Manager and Kitchen Manager in safety meetings, since the law requires Company-Wide safety meetings be held quarterly.
K. Manage Supplies.
• Keep track of beer raw materials. (malt, hops, yeast, fruit, etc.)
• Keep track of brewing supplies. (bungs, D.E., filter cartridges, chemicals, etc.)
• Keep track of lab supplies. (alcohol burner fluid, agar media, test tubes, etc.)
• Keep track of safety supplies. (rubber boots & gloves, band aids, goggles, etc.)
L. Manage Beer Production
• Keep house beers on tap at all times.
• Produce finished beer for the brewery bar(s).
• Schedule production according to monitored and predicted beer levels.
• Brew, keg, and cask beer according to the above schedule.
M. Manage Cooperage. (For cask, in-house, & future sales kegs.)
• Paint numbers on all kegs and taps.
• Teach bartenders/managers to keep a written record of who checks out which keg or tap.
N. Ordering. (Develop relationship with suppliers, get best prices, etc.)
• Raw materials.
• Brewing supplies.
• Lab supplies.
• Safety supplies.
• Kegs and Taps.
• Office supplies. (sometimes)
• Service suppliers. (beerline cleaning, etc.)
O. Cleaning Schedules
• See the Seasonal Maintenance and Cleaning Schedule for a more complete list.
• General cleaning of fermenters and servers.
• Preventative maintenance cleaning of fermenters, servers, kettle, liquor back, mash tun, filter, keg washer, etc.
• Kegs.
• Party taps.
• Exterior of tanks and brewery walls.
• Floors and drains.
• Mill room.
P. Trouble Shooting.
• Preventative maintenance.
• Invent gadgets and apparatus to get the job done.
• Fix anything that breaks, if you can.
• If you can’t fix it, hire someone who can fix it.
Q. Represent South Bend Brew Werks:
• Anytime you are in public and someone asks what you do.
• At local small brewer’s association meetings. (Most other attendees are owners.)
• At Master Brewers Association of the Americas meetings.
• At local beer tastings and regional/national festivals.
• When writing articles for national magazines.
• As speaker for local clubs and national conferences.

• To the local and national media. Contact Drew at with any questions or to apply

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