Introducing Cardinal Copacking: Contract and Private-Label Bottling Service From Cardinal Spirits

Introducing Cardinal Copacking: Contract and Private-Label Bottling Service From Cardinal Spirits


Bloomington, Ind., 03/05/19 — Cardinal Spirits, the craft distillery in Bloomington, Ind., announces the launch of Cardinal Copacking, a contract and private-label bottling service that allows entrepreneurs to easily produce their own spirit brands.

The 4-year-old distillery has been quietly copacking from the start, but it has grown the business to a roar: its copacking operation has produced 50 spirits and 500,000 bottles, and has created 15 hourly jobs.

Cardinal Copacking targets small and mid-size bottling and private label clients, offering great customer service, faster product launches, simple replenishment, and lower minimums, starting at 100 cases. It offers full copacking services, from flavor development to TTB regulatory approval to distribution guidance.

“We can take can take your idea from the back of a napkin to the shelf,” says Adam Quirk, co-founder of Cardinal Spirits and director of Cardinal Copacking. “We’re an ideal partner for industry professionals launching a new brand, and for existing brands looking to increase the reach of their products. We have great relationships with packaging, flavor, and spirit vendors, and our operation is a well-oiled machine.”

Cardinal Spirits has been copacking for other brands since opening in 2015, with steady annual increases. Then, in 2018, its copacking business skyrocketed, growing by more than 100 percent. To keep up with projected growth, Cardinal Spirits is investing in its copacking division, and officially marketing it, too. It hopes to lend its expertise and experience as a fast-growing spirits producer — creator of more than a dozen spirits that are distributed in 11 states and Washington, D.C. — to others who are trying to make it in the ultra-competitive spirits industry.

Cardinal Copacking targets a range of businesses that are looking to launch or accelerate private-label spirits and ship to distributors in almost 20 states. Meanwhile, Cardinal Spirits continues to grow the variety and distribution of its own products.

“Our copacking business has helped elevate our own brands because of the relationships we’ve developed along the way,” Quirk says.

ABOUT CARDINAL SPIRITS: Cardinal Spirits is the craft distillery, cocktail bar, and restaurant in Bloomington, Ind., known for making award-winning and highly-rated vodkas, gins, rums, botanical liqueurs, and canned cocktails. Our spirits are available in 11 states and Washington, D.C. Our Terra Botanical Gin has been covered by both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and Men’s Journal named us one of the 19 Best Undiscovered Cocktail Bars in America.

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