Indiana On Tap Launches–Indiana’s Most Effective Event Ticketing Platform to Sell Tickets

Indiana On Tap Launches–Indiana’s Most Effective Event Ticketing Platform to Sell Tickets

Indianapolis, IN – Indiana On Tap LLC, the state’s premier craft beer media, marketing and events company is proud to announce the launch of its new full-service online ticketing platform,, designed exclusively for Indiana craft beer, wine, spirits and food events.

This new software platform offers everything an event organizer needs to create a free and customizable ticketing site in minutes to promote their event and sell tickets online. The differentiator with the platform is the unparalleled marketing value it offers any event looking to increase its awareness in order to sell more tickets.

All related events that use the free platform will automatically be marketed to tens of thousands of ideal, defined ticket buyers at no extra cost.  Events will be added to the ‘Featured Events’ page—one of the highest-trafficked pages on the site. Events will also be automatically shared and promoted to Indiana On Tap’s network of highly niche, highly engaged social media followers for free.

All events hosted on the platform will also be shared and marketed to the On Tap Tickets network of previous and future ticket buyers for free via targeted email marketing—creating the most defined and niche network of interested, potential ticket buyers for related events in the entire state.

“What we’ve spent the last year designing and building is going to be a game-changer for Indiana craft beverage events like these,” noted Indiana On Tap Founder and Managing Partner Justin Knepp.  “We’ve quietly hosted several events on the platform over the past few months and every single one has seen or is seeing significantly higher ticket sales compared to the previous year. In fact, one recent event sold almost twice as many tickets compared to last year and they were quick to credit our platform and the free marketing model for that substantial increase in sales,” he added. offers all of the same core features and functionality as many of the nationally-known ticketing sites. Their free software allows event organizers to customize their event page with multiple branding options, create unlimited ticket types, create and share ticket discount codes, accept all major credit cards for payment, monitor sales with real-time tracking, and so much more. They even offer a free mobile app that event organizers and staff can use to ‘scan’ tickets for quick entry into events while also viewing real-time stats on both ticket sales and event check-ins.

The service is considered free because it costs nothing to create an event and organizers have the option to either absorb or ‘pass on’ the standard technology and payment processing fees to the ticket buyers purchasing a ticket, which is the norm for most ticketed events online. This means that if an event organizer creates a ticket type with the price of $25, they keep that entire amount of every ticket sold.

The ticket fees are inexpensive and in-line with other major ticketing sites, even though includes the added marketing and sharing capabilities.

“Our value proposition and messaging to event organizers will be simple,” Knepp continued. “We’ll be telling them that our ticketing solution offers all the same core features and functionality as any other major ticketing site, but with defined, highly effective and free marketing that only we can offer. We’re confident we can help them sell more tickets to their event at no extra cost.”

While the functionality and features of the platform are diverse and strong, is committed to adding and improving its technology features. They’ve already added around half a dozen new and customized features based on specific requests from event organizers…such as Apple Wallet ticket integration, customized disclaimer text for events, ticketing site iFrame integration for existing event websites, and more.

“If there’s a feature or function we don’t offer that is vital for the online sales or management of your event, we’re committed to adding it,” said Knepp. “Our ticketing platform is the future of Indiana craft beverage and food events. We’ll never stop developing and improving features to add value to both the event organizers and to the ticket buyers who want an easier way to find and purchase tickets to the best events around the state.”

To learn more about On Tap Tickets or to register and create your next event for free, visit the website at


About Indiana On Tap

Indiana On Tap is the state’s leading craft beer media, marketing and events company. Founded in 2014, their digital properties are comprised of the largest, most niche resources for Indiana craft beer and spirits news, information, editorials, events and more. In addition to their premier online content and social media platforms, they also partner with and host dozens of events across the state of all sizes. In 2015, they launched the Tasting Society Marketplace–Indiana’s largest craft beer membership and rewards program of its kind with hundreds of participating breweries and partner locations and thousands of current and former members across the entire state. Their mission is simple and two-fold: for the craft beer fans and consumers, it’s to educate, inform and entertain through premier media content, marketing and events. For the craft breweries and distilleries, Indiana On Tap strives to tell their story and connect them with their most important audience to create new and repeat customers for their business and their product.

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