Indiana On Tap Announces Upcoming Launch of The Tasting Society Marketplace – Indiana’s First Statewide Craft Beer Membership and Rewards Program

Indiana On Tap Announces Upcoming Launch of The Tasting Society Marketplace – Indiana’s First Statewide Craft Beer Membership and Rewards Program

Indianapolis, IN – June 12th, 2015  Indiana On Tap, LLC announced today the upcoming launch of their highly anticipated Tasting Society Marketplace—Indiana’s first true craft beer membership and rewards program.

“We first started designing this program in December of 2014,” noted Justin Knepp—Indiana On Tap Founder and President. “We’ve spent a significant amount of time and energy to create something really special here that will add significant value to our state’s breweries and be of interest to EVERY Indiana craft beer fan in the state and even beyond its borders.”

With over 50 participating Indiana brewery locations, along with additional non-brewery partners, the sheer scope of this program is unprecedented in the Indiana craft beer marketplace.

“Nowhere else can you spend less than $50 for an opportunity to save over $500 in annual craft beer, craft beer events, craft beer merchandise and more.” added Joel Bozman, Tasting Society Marketplace Managing Partner.  “And that’s not even taking into account the incredible perks that these members will receive throughout their membership—everything from the opportunity to win free festival tickets, to private brewery tours, to private parties, to exclusive access to new beer tastings and tappings with our participating marketplace partners.”

With an anticipated launch date of late June, the Tasting Society Marketplace expects to nearly double the number of participating marketplace partners within its first year.

Here’s how the membership program will work. An annual membership can be purchased directly on the Indiana On Tap website ( for just $49.99. Days later, each new member will receive a package in the mail with his or her annual membership card along with gift certificates with the offers and deals from all of the participating breweries and partners all over the state.  Each participating brewery or partner will have anywhere from 1 to 3 unique offers.  Each offer can be redeemed at the participating location by either presenting proof of membership via the membership card, or via the gift certificate members will be required to redeem with the participating partner. There will be only 1 gift certificate per offer, per partner, where gift certificates are required.

All unique offers from participating locations will be available to see before an annual membership is purchased.  The majority of offers are for a monetary amount that’s good towards the equivalent of the total cost of, or greatly reduced, flight of beer. There are also a significant number of offers for dollar amounts that can be spent towards growler fills and merchandise discounts, along with offers for free appetizers, free pint glasses and even free glass growlers.  All annual memberships begin the day each individual member joins.

As if the incentives and savings aren’t enough, members who reach milestones in the number of participating breweries they visit during their membership will also earn multiple prizes from Indiana On Tap along the way—and not just ‘boring’ prizes, according to Indiana On Tap…but “really cool prizes that our members will enjoy and use,” instead.

“We expect this marketplace program to not only better develop the palates of Indiana craft beer fans with these incentives, but to create NEW Indiana craft beer fans as well.  I genuinely believe Indiana’s breweries are the finest in the nation. Don’t believe me? Become a member and see and taste for yourself,” added Knepp.

To stay updated on the official launch date of the Tasting Society Marketplace, visit or follow them on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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