Indiana Craft Beer and Art: Helping to Create the First Indy Mural Fest

Indiana Craft Beer and Art: Helping to Create the First Indy Mural Fest

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

There’s a new event in town – It’s art, not a competition, but there will be a game time feel as 50 Indianapolis artists create murals over a two-day period. Who will break out the big colors, who will go for a controversial subject? Which will make you think the most? I love this kind of public art produced while the public gets to watch. The Indy Mural Fest is a new art event, but it’s over due for Indianapolis.

The Indy Mural Fest reminds me of the Masterpiece in a Day Festival as part of Art Squared that is located throughout the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis in September where working artists are given a space somewhere around the neighborhood and they produce a single work of art in just that one day. Now we have a similar show in which we will get to see the products of their efforts permanently after the event.

Jules Muck (@muckrock) was in Indianapolis this past spring and summer and left us several pieces of public art via murals and graffiti. Some were lauded, some were more debated, but they all drew attention and were/are worth a look. The Mural Fest is a move to build on that momentum by Indy Art Scene’s Jordan Thomas, along with local artists Levi Jamison and Nick Smith.

The map of wall space locations for the Indy Mural Fest. Click for a bigger image. image credit: Indy Mural Fest

The weekend of Oct. 26-27 will be filled with murals, street art, and graffiti on the near south side of Indianapolis, including a kick-off party in the 1400 block of Madison Avenue from 2-6pm on the 26th that will have food trucks, art activities, and music.

Six addresses are now set up to support 50 wall spaces for new art. Each artist from the Indy area (named below) will use this space as they see fit. Importantly, donations are being taken at to defray the costs of art supplies for the artists and to pay them at least something for their work. There is no winner, they are all to be commended and compensated to the greatest degree we can.

So how is Indiana craft beer involved with the inaugural Indy Mural Fest? Well, in a couple of ways. One, some of the artists are associated with Indianapolis breweries. Josh Brinson (@bezol_one) is with Lux restaurants and Blind Owl Brewery as the power behind the liquor and bars of all Lux properties. Recently he completed two murals at Blind Owl and is responsible for the visual branding of their core beer logos and merchandise.

There is also Aaron Scamihorn, a local graphic artist of Ronlewhorn Industries and graphic design partner with Indiana City Brewing is another of the artists invited to participate in the first Mural Fest. He is the founder of the Craft Brew Doodle Crew at Indiana City that produce much of the label art for one their series of can releases. You know these cans, such as Monster Family Tree, Ice Cream Apocalypse, and the most recent, Scary Stuffed Animals (released 10/19 at the brewery).

There is also Dan Thompson, known as Cents to the Doodle Crew. Dan has contributed to the Doodle Crew labels, but he has also produced a can design of his own, One Giant Leap, for the Indy Artist label series at Indiana City. Most recently, Dan has done a mural at Indiana City Brewing (see the banner image) completely freehand, which may or may not be completed as of Oct. 16.

Furthermore, Indiana City Brewing is partnering with the Indy Mural Fest as part of the opening celebration. They will be selling pints in the food and beverage section of the event, and a portion of each sale will go to pay the artists and defray the costs of their supplies. Elise from Indiana City said, “Indiana City is happy to partner with the first Indy Mural Fest. Public art is having an especially public moment right now as recent happenings and controversial commissions have shown a spotlight on the value of supporting local art. We are and always have been a proud champion of local art – home to the Craft Brew Doodle Crew, some of whose members are participating artists.” Keep an eye on Indiana City’s social media to find out what they will be pouring on the 26th, but it’s probably a given that something from the Craft Brew Doodle Crew and the DDH hazy series will be on tap.

Make sure to come down to support the artists, but also to donate to the cause in an effort to show these artists that we value their contributions. Below is the press release from Indy Mural Fest:


For Immediate Release:

October 2019

Media Contact:

Jordan Thomas 317-366-2577


October 26 & 27, 2019

image credit: Indy Mural Fest

(INDIANAPOLIS) — The third weekend of October, Indy Art Scene’s Jordan Thomas and local artists Nick Smith and Levi Jamison present the first ever Indy Mural Festival. Featuring commissioned walls in various locations around Indianapolis, over 50 local artists will participate and create new pieces over the course of the weekend. The festival will feature mural, street, and graffiti artists in many styles and genres — the fact that they all paint large-scale works on exterior walls is what unites them.

On October 26 from 2-6pm, there will be an official celebration with food trucks, music, and art activities in the Madison Lofts/Madison BMV parking lot at 1400 Madison Ave. This location is very close to where many artists will be painting over the course of the festival, so the public can enjoy some food, jam to some local music, and watch as artists create their masterpieces!

Artists participating and their Instagram handles (where applicable) are as follows:

Rebekah Nolan, Emily Gable @bootlegsignco, Fab Crew @fabcrewart, Carl Leck @cblimagery, Joy Hernandez @joythestampede, Shamira Wilson @shamirawilson, William R @whimsicalfunk, Martin Kuntz @artmarty86, Josh @99signs, Dane Smith @danesmith.jpg, Lucian Agape @lucianagape_, Blend Creative Minds @blend_creative_minds, Logan Gainey @planetjunk, Madysen Koontz @madysenk, Open Window Art @open_window_art, Shae Haute @heavysleeper, Alex Hall @dopewalrus, Robbie Yaw, Jordan Taylor, Robert Bentley, Jacob Mullins @jacobmullinsjacobmullins, Jamie Locke @jamielocke_art, Miranda Thomas @mirandart217, Andrea Panico @andreamoniqueart, Christian Kealoha, Willow Benjamin @willow_benjamin, Kylin Brown @kylinmakesart, Gaby Mojica @gabyspotlight, Chelsie Liberati @chelsieliberati, Bezol One @bezol_one, Ezi Underwood @ezikiosk, Gavin Goode @semperfly_studios, JD Bills @indyartwiz, Richelle Brown @stateofther, Boris Castillo @steventheartist, Zach Medler @zmedstudios, Rebecca Entrican @flourescendence, Aaron Scamihorn @ronlewhorn, Anthony Brooks @anthonybrooksart, Lynzy Finnegan @lynzyaf, Eve Eggleston @eveggleston_art, Kyle Rogan @stuffy_fresh, Alexandra Lutian @leftoversalt

Each artist has been assigned an approximately 15x15ft wall spot in one of 6 locations on the near south and southeast sides of the city, and in each location more than one artist will be at work. You can find a map of all wall spots below and attached to the email. The public is encouraged to get out and find artists painting over the course of the weekend.

The goal of Indy Mural Fest is to take what recently became a very nuanced and complex conversation about public art and start something positive, constructive, and long-lasting with the momentum it created. Another goal is to create stronger connections between residents and business owners who may want murals, and the mural artists themselves, as well as establishing a greater consciousness about the types of artists we have in Indianapolis. This will create an easier connection for when residents and businesses want murals in the future.

Based on funds that are raised, participating artists will be paid a flat fee for their work. Those who are interested in supporting can donate at or contribute to the Facebook fundraiser.

Promotional partners involved are IndyGo, Do317, Visit Indy, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, and FS Houses. You can find the promotional image with their logos attached.

About Indy Art Scene: Indy Art Scene began as an Instagram account created by Jordan Lee Thomas that evolved into a cultural resource. Now it’s expanded, but the goal is the same: to connect people to the emerging art community in Marion County, Indianapolis, IN.

Indy Art Scene is a completely volunteer-run project that aims to:
* Act as the go-to resource for artists, art enthusiasts, business owners, and collectors to discover the emerging, grassroots visual and multimedia scene in Marion County
* Foster community among working artists in Indianapolis
* Create high-quality artist professional development opportunities
* Grow Indianapolis’ reputation as a great place to live and work as an artist

About Nick Smith: Nick is a contemporary American artist, specializing in geometric abstraction and post-graffiti murals. He got his start producing large scale graffiti works in 2013 under an alias inspired by his Autistic younger brother whom he dedicates his works to. Learn more about Nick and see his work at

About Levi Jamison: Levi has been an avid member of the graffiti community in Indianapolis for over a decade. He has had solo shows in Fountain Square to display art of his own, as well as being a key member in developing artistic skills of young upcoming artists in Indianapolis.


Indy Mural Fest:     @indymuralfest

Indy Art Scene:         @indyartscene

Jordan Thomas:       @jlthomasart

Nick Smith:              @nick.abstract

Levi Jamison:       @railroadleroy


banner image credit: Indiana City Brewing

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