Indiana Brings Home Nine Medals from World Beer Cup

Indiana Brings Home Nine Medals from World Beer Cup

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

The World Beer Cup, held every two years in conjunction with the Craft Brewers Conference, announced the winners of the the 2022 competition on Thursday evening. A record 10,542 beers were entered from a near record 2,493 breweries in 57 countries around the world.

Metazoa Brewing in Indianapolis won three medals, as did Sun King Brewing in Indianapolis, while Moontown Brewing in Whitestown, Shoreline Brewery in Michigan City, and ZwanzigZ Brewing in Columbus won a medal apiece. The nine medals total from Indiana breweries stacked up well against the surrounding states. Ohio led the way with 15 medals, while Michigan won seven, Wisconsin took six, and Illinois garnered two.

Each of the Indiana medals came in a different one of the record 103 beer categories. This is a bit unusual, as Indiana usually doubles up in some of the Belgian beer categories or the stout categories. As an indicator of how difficult it is to win medals in competitions, Taxman Brewing has previously won many medals in the Belgian categories of many contests, but was absent from the medal roles for WBC.

Metazoa won:
Silver medal for Ruh Roh in the Extra Special Bitter category against 70 other beers
Bronze medal for Klipspringer in the American Belgo-style ale group against 34 other beers

Bronze medal for Irish Setter in the Irish Style Stout category against 72 other beers

Sun King won:
Gold medal for BA Churrilicious in the Wood & Barrel Aged Beer group against 75 other beers

Silver medal for Sunlight in the Golden or Blonde Ale category against 126 other beers
Silver medal for Soul Shakedown in the Experimental Wood Aged Beer group against 56 beers

ZwanzigZ won:
Gold medal for Fulcrum Imperial Stout in the American Style Imperial Stout group against 95 beers

Moontown won:
Gold medal for Follow the Lederhosen in the German Style Marzen group against 74 other beers

Shoreline won:
Bronze medal for Beltaine in the Scottish Style Ale group against 47 other beers


Congratulations to all the winners and all the breweries willing to put their beer out there for judging.



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