Indiana Breweries Go Big For St. Paddy’s Day

Indiana Breweries Go Big For St. Paddy’s Day

by Indiana On Tap editorial staff

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up this weekend – one of the top three drinking occasions during the year. Indiana On Tap had a reader reach out to us asking if there was a list of breweries tapping new or established Irish stouts over the holiday weekend, so we put one together.

But instead of just going with Irish stouts, we decided to ask the breweries if they had any Irish beers, or similar, coming out for the weekend. We even included stouts that aren’t Irish in style, because this is still a big stout weekend. Many breweries will have events, food specials, and music over the weekend, so be sure to check with your favorite breweries’ websites and Facebook pages.

Interestingly, it looks like the breweries are ready for spring and slightly lighter beers, because many of them have gone with Irish red ales for this year’s celebration. In addition, this endeavor was a chance to test out a developing master list of brewery contacts for Indiana On Tap. If your brewery isn’t listed here and you do have an Irish beer this weekend, contact Indiana On Tap ( or comment and we will get it added.

Irish red ales

Bad Dad Brewery – Stevie O’Deal’s Irish Red

Barley Island- Whose Ear Imperial Red Ale

Bier Brewery – RedRum Irish Red (maybe – could be gone by then)

Big Lug Canteen, Sahm’s Ale House, Big Lug Country Pub – Lugprechaun Irish Red

Blind Owl – Shamrock Hustle Irish Red Ale

Carson’s Brewing – Tilted & Kilted Irish Red Ale

Danny Boy – The Walking Red

Deer Creek- Whose Ear Imperial Red Ale

Evansville Brewhouse – O’Haynie’s Irish Red Ale (a debut)

image credit: Indiana City Brewing

Hunter’s Brewing – an Irish red

Four Day Ray – Kingstown Irish Red

Grand Junction – Irish Eyes Irish Red Ale

GnomeTown – Hop o’ the Mornin’ Irish Red Ale

HopLore – Irish Red Ale

Indiana City Brewing – Irish Hill (named for their neighborhood)

Ironwood – an Irish Red ale

Mad Anthony – Harry Baals on nitro

Off Square Brewing – an Irish red

Old 41 Brewing – Maple Irish Red

People’s Brewing – Nine Irish Brothers Irish red

Planetary – Red Leader Irish Red Ale

Rock Bottom – Fire Chief Irish red

Roundtown – Irish Coffee, an Irish red ale infused with Limelight coffee

Seymour Brewing – Scarlet Mask Irish Red

St. Benedict’s – Sister Mary Rose Irish Red Ale

The Guardian – O’Leary’s Irish Red

Wasser – an Irish red ale

Windmill Brewing – an Irish Red Ale

Irish stouts

Four Day Ray – Pot O’ Gold Irish Car Bomb Stout with glitter (firkin, available in heated tent during St. Paddy’s Weekend Party)

Goshen Brewing – Irish Fog Stout

Hop River – Markievicz Irish Stout, a 4.8% ABV session stout (very forward thinking)

Lafayette Brewing – Digby’s Irish Stout

Believe it or not, glitter beer is becoming a thing. Find some at FDR on St. Paddy’s Day. photo credit: Untappd

Mad Anthony – Harry Baals on nitro

Off Square Brewing – an Irish stout

Planetary – a java mint stout

Summit City –an Irish stout

Traders – Kiss Me I’m Roasty

Foreign Extra stout

GnomeTown – Foreign Extra Stout

Dry Irish stouts

Bier Brewery – Bogside  Stout

Big Lug Canteen, Sahm’s Ale House, Big Lug Country Pub – Rebel Country

Burn ‘Em Brewing – Sluagh (and other Irish beers)

Danny Boy – Holy Water

Flix Brewhouse – Brother Seamus

Metazoa Brewing – Irish Setter

People’s Brewing – Rover Irish Stout, both the base beer and on cask with Jameson oak chips

Seymour Brewing – Hoosier Paddy

St. Benedict’s – a dry Irish stout tapping at the Lenten fish fry on the 16th

Sun King – Ring of Dingle, 2012 WBC silver medalist and 2011 GABF gold medalist

TwoDEEP – Never Say Die (barrel aged Dead Rabbits stout), and a wee bit of Dead Rabbits itself

Union – Cannonball Doyle

Other Irish leaning beers

Brew Link – You Cereal? an ale made with Lucky Charms

Redemption – Tipsy Girl Scout – milk stout with chocolate and mint

TwoDEEP – Gone For Burton – a Burton on Trent ale that hails from that part of the world

Green beers

Big Leaf Brewing – green version of Coal Creek Blonde

Mad Anthony – green version of Old Fort Blonde

Urban Brews – green german pilsner and green wine slushies

Bulldog Brewing – a green beer

English stout

Backstep Brewing – an English stout released on St. Patrick’s Day, Hmmm. I suggested calling it Bloody Sunday or the IRA stout

Other stouts

image credit: Daredevil

Daredevil – JWP and Tres Tico JWP

Four Day Ray – Prince Igor Imperial Stout aged in Buffalo Trace barrels with coffee (firkin, available in heated tent during St. Paddy’s Weekend Party)

Grand Junction – Imperfect Backside Oatmeal Stout

HopLore – Paddy not Patty mint chocolate chip stout

Hop River – an imperial stout, coffee stout

Ram Brewery – High King Oattis Stout Jr. III Grand Duke of Ramshire, a 5.1% oatmeal stout

Redemption – Genesis Milk Stout and a variant of it with coffee

Wildrose – Mornin’ James coffee stout and Mad Cow coconut milk stout


(banner image credit: Just Beer)

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