Great Fermentations: Where You Can design and Build Your Very Own Kegerator (sp)

 Great Fermentations: Where You Can design and Build Your Very Own Kegerator (sp)


By Andrew Crowley

Have you ever been in a taproom or bar, and dreamed of recreating the experience in your home? If so, Great Fermentations can help you recapture the experience of pulling a fresh beer off the draft line.

Whether you’re looking for something long-term or short-term, they have the supplies and assistance to get your draft beer system up and running. No more fussing with trash cans full of ice, beer cups full of foam instead of beer, or pumping away uselessly on the cheap tap you picked up in college.

For a short-term solution, say a few kegs for the long weekend, they offer jockey box rentals ($75 rental fee plus $400 or $450 rental deposit depending on the number of taps), a more elegant option over an old-fashioned hand pump.

If you’re looking for something a little more long-term, a kegerator is what you’ll need. While Great Fermentations doesn’t sell turnkey kegerators—don’t worry, they plan to in the near future—they do offer a Seibel trained Draftmaster on staff who can help you design the draft system of your dreams or help you simply transform your beer fridge from college into a working kegerator. And while you’re there, you can grab all the parts you’ll need to make your design a reality.

So why buy a kegerator? For one, it’s a great way to enjoy draft-only beer releases from local breweries. Sure you can get fancy growlers with a tight seal that preserves the beer long-term, but a kegerator is a more optimal solution, provided you’re looking to drink beer in a larger volume. It’s also a great way to share the beer with your buddies and not have to resort to short pours so everyone gets a decent taste.

And they’re great for other beverages including wine, soda, and coffee. Just sub out argon gas when pouring wine, so as not carbonate it, and nitrogen gas for coffee.

Speaking of nitrogen, you can even pour nitro beers. When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, wouldn’t it be fun to pour your own pint of Guinness without having to fight amateur hour at your local watering hole? Great Fermentations can set you up with all the equipment you need for that perfect Guinness pour.

Great Fermentations has two store locations in Indiana—5127 E 65th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46220 and 7900 E US Highway 36 Avon, IN 46123. You can also shop through their online store.

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