Ghostfish Expands Distribution To Indiana

Ghostfish Expands Distribution To Indiana


image credit: Craftroads Beverage

04/089/19, INDIANAPOLIS, IN —Ghostfish Brewing is teaming up with Indianapolis-based distributor, Craftroads Beverage, to bring their palate-pleasing, dedicated gluten-free beer to Indiana.

Ghostfish Brewing is Washington State’s first and only dedicated gluten-free craft brewery. Since opening in February 2015, Ghostfish Brewing has been exploring the uncharted waters of never before-used brewing techniques and testing the limits of what can be created with malted millet, buckwheat and brown rice.

“The dedication to quality and unique brewing process truly makes this beer legendary,” said Jim Schembre, co-owner of Craftroads Beverage. “We’re confident the craft beer lovers of Indiana will enjoy what Ghostfish has to offer.”

Ghostfish has taken national and international awards in both gluten-free and barley beer categories, and its beers are currently distributed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Illinois, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, British Columbia & Alberta (Canada), and now, Indiana.

image credit: Craftroads Beverage

By early April, Indiana shelves will be stocked with Ghostfish Brewing Grapefruit IPA, Vanishing Point Pale Ale and Kick Step IPA. The spring launch will consist of packaged beer only with the eventuality of draft options after.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Craftroads Beverage in a state that is home to many great craft breweries,” said Brian Thiel, co-owner of Ghostfish Brewing Company. “Being a Midwesterner myself, it gives me great pride to expand our distribution footprint into Indiana to allow many more people the opportunity to enjoy Ghostfish beer in the middle of the country.”

With nearly 60 years of industry experience, Craftroads is an Indianapolis-based craft beer distributor focused on creating value to their partners through collaboration and commitment, while providing a unique service experience dedicated to profitable segment growth.

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