Getting Into Kegging? You Need CO2. Great Fermentations Is Here To Help (sp)

Getting Into Kegging? You Need CO2. Great Fermentations Is Here To Help (sp)


By Adam T. Schick for Indiana On Tap

As every homebrewer starts to hone their craft, tighten up recipes, and think about what’s next, the next logical step is usually kegging. Your favorite neighborhood homebrewing supply shop, Great Fermentations, has everything you need to get started down the kegging road, including one of the most essential pieces to the process: CO2.

That’s right: Great Fermentations is your one stop shop for all your kegging supplies, including regulator gauges, aluminum manifolds, quick connect plugs and inserts, and especially CO2, the precious little gas that keeps your beer nice and carbonated.

“It’s such a big necessity to homebrewing and kegging,” GFI’s Bryan Johnson told me, “but a lot of people still don’t realize that it’s another service we offer, especially with such a quick turnaround.”


GFI doesn’t fill the tanks at their Indianapolis facility – they take them multiple pallets at a time to Indiana Oxygen who fills the tanks. Doing this in such large quantities however means there’s always fresh tanks of CO2 to swap with your empties whenever you swing in.​

“We’re open seven days a week, so we’re definitely the most convenient resource for homebrewers looking for full tanks,” says Anita Johnson, GFI’s owner. 

“Just don’t expect us to make house calls!” 

Those who shop at Great Fermentation for products other than homebrew supplies can also find use out of CO2, as Anita says CO2 works great keeping wine chilled when it’s served on tap, as well as cold-brewed coffee and homemade sodas.  

Anita says CO2 takes away some of the sweetness from sweeter wines like Moscato, but otherwise it’s the perfect tool for winemaking as well. 

As far as bringing tanks in, the best thing you can do, according to Anita? 

“Plan ahead!!!”

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