Four Fathers Brewery Released New Craft Beer

Four Fathers Brewery Released New Craft Beer


By Erin Evers of

Four Fathers Brewery in Valparaiso celebrated the bottle release for their “Viking Funeral,” Brew. The event highlighted “Viking Funeral,” as well as their other brews and allowed visitors to enjoy a drink and some german style Oktoberfest food.

“Viking Funeral,” is an imperial stout brewed with ten different grains including: rye malt, money malt, and smoked malt. Lactose, cocoa nibs, and local honey give it a rich distinct taste that had people lined up outside ready to buy the brew before it was gone.

“For any brewery, doing a bottle release is important. You’ve got to be able to put some of the beers you are most proud of out there,” Jason Lacny, one of the Brewery owners said.

Once everyone completed their purchases, a tent was waiting outside where different brews were tapped and ready to be enjoyed. Hungry, INC was on sight with their trucks serving up yummy Oktoberfest style foods that complemented the drinks.

“We did a lot of different stuff with this particular beer. We some smoked malt, honey malt and rye malt as well as local honey, lactose, and cocoa nibs. There is a lot of good stuff in it,” Lacny said.

A oversized Jenga set was ready for the 16 two-person Jenga Tournament that was bracketed and added some extra fun for everyone there.

Some guest taps at the event included: Candy Crushable (18th Street Brewery in Gary) and Boomerango (Burn’Em Brewing in Michigan City).

“All the Micro-brewing community is fighting for the same market share. Since we are all very small, we work together and assemble to form a kind of ‘Megatron,’ brewery. We all work to push the brand of craft,” Lacny said.

Under the tent was representatives from Bomber Girls, who are a ladies riding club that do positive things for those in the military including care packages and help with the families.

“Everything we do is for military relief. We are the third chapter that just opened here in Valpo. We are interested in small town companies, so we love what they are doing at Four Fathers Brewery. They believe in the same issues we believe in,” Stephanie Lucas, Bomber Girls member said.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a great time trying the new beer. Great reviews all around made purchasing “Viking Funeral,” an easy decision.

“It is very smooth and has a great mouth feel. It’s really good! The chocolate of the cocoa nibs, but with the honey in there gives it great taste but doesn’t get too sweet.” Matt Festa, beer enthusiast said.
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