Fountain Square Brewery and New Day Craft Teaming Up with Indy Urban Flea This Summer

Fountain Square Brewery and New Day Craft Teaming Up with Indy Urban Flea This Summer


A new partnership between an upscale flea market and two local alcohol establishments will attempt to turn a typical shopping experience into an event you won’t want to miss. Fountain Square Brewery and New Day Craft will be sponsoring and providing beer, cider, and mead to Indy Urban Flea attendees this summer.

Indy Urban Flea started last May in the north parking lot of the Old National Centre, and when winter rolled in, they moved the flea market inside the Biltwell Event Center. The flea market gives local artisans a venue to sell their goods, while also connecting the surrounding community with vendors – including food trucks and alcoholic establishments – from other areas of Indiana.

After moving to the Glendale location, Lisa Ripley, the proprietor of Indy Urban Flea, was introduced to Fountain Square Brewery’s CFO Jeff Gibson. Their mutual friend was Ken Rose, lead guitarist of local Indianapolis band Hero Jr.

“He suggested that I contact them. I met with them and really liked their philosophy and the way they do business,” said Ripley.

“He [Ken] said, ‘Well, they really need you guys. Their beer is not that good over [at the venue],’” Gibson told me.

New Day Craft became involved with the sponsorship after Gibson spoke with Ripley and pushed for them to join.

“We talked to New Day because we do a lot of things in cooperation with New Day,” Gibson said. “We invite them to all of our festivals, we got a two-way license so we can serve their ciders and meads in our tasting room, and whenever we have festivals, onsite music, or things like that, they are part of the team. We all agreed this would be a cool thing to do.”


Ripley told me a variety of artists will be involved with Indy Urban Flea.

“We have a lot of local artisans that do upcycling or recycling of items, also individual artists that do their own work, and then we have some vintage dealers, where you can find older antique items or collectibles, things of that nature.”

When Ripley created Indy Urban Flea, she wanted it to be more than just a flea market. So she added food trucks, alcohol, and even a DJ to the mix, creating more of an event atmosphere. 

Fountain Square Brewery and New Day Craft will be the only alcohol providers during the season. Gibson said he sees this as an opportunity for both alcohol establishment to reach new consumers who may have never been to Fountain Square before.

““It’s not about the money, really,” said Gibson. “We’re not going to make a lot and we’re not going to lose a lot, but as we expand our local partnerships we look to have the local collaboration as part of our brand.”

Indy Urban Flea will run the second Saturday of the month from May through September. The first Indy Urban Flea event of the summer will take place on May 14 at the Glendale Event Center at 62nd and Rural in Indianapolis. It will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and admission costs $5.

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