Fishers On Tap Gives Attendees Great Beer, Better Insight Into Brewing Business

Fishers On Tap Gives Attendees Great Beer, Better Insight Into Brewing Business


By Writing & Reporting Community Member Tyler McCord

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on June 13 when we arrived at the location for Fishers On Tap. As soon as I pulled up, I was excited. Another small, intimate, beer fest where I was actually going to get to talk to the brewers about their beer. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do at these smaller events. It’s hard to do it at the larger events, like the 20th Annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival coming up on July 18. Then I realized how much space was available and thought that this was going to be a packed event. I mean, why else have all of this space available unless you were counting on a large group to attend, right? Well I guess that the Indiana weather kept most people from showing up, because the crowd stayed small, engaged, and fun!

This is the second event that I have gone to that seemed to realize that the people want more than just the beer. They also want to be entertained and to experience what the city has to offer. The tents were set in a nice “u-shaped” fashion that all faced towards the stage. On the stage, there was a band playing some upbeat music to keep the crowd moving and grooving. In the back were a few tents that were serving some large, and delicious, appetizers. The entire mood of the fest was just “chilled,” despite it being hot and humid. Everything about this event was just…perfect.

With the 19 breweries there all attendees were able to sample pretty much any beer they wanted, multiple times. This also gave the attendees that opportunity to talk to the brewers and find out more about the beer and the brewery! I heard so many conversations end with “I didn’t know you were that close! We will definitely be coming by soon”. This is why I feel, if you are looking to start drinking craft beer that these events are the best for you. It gives you a lot to sample and the ability to talk to the ones who deal with craft beer all day!


Ok, on to the beer! 

Barley Island
Bum’s Rush - This was not a typical barley wine type beer that I am used to. I was expecting a thick and heavy beer, but instead was met with a light and easy to drink. It doesn’t hit you like most barley wines do. 

Brugge Brasserie
Madeline La Framboise - I wouldn’t say it’s rare that you find a sour at a normal beer fest, but it is rare to find one that you want to drink over the other beers around you. This sour has a nice tart flavour but finishes like you just drank a glass of lemonade. 

Danny Boy
Rock-n-Rolla IPA - This is an IPA that I will be looking for from here on out. It was an amazing blend between the hops and the grapefruit that made me go back for more than one. Plus, given the heat and humidity that we had on this day, it was quite refreshing. 

Books & Brews
Blonde of Brothers – “Not really a beer for hot weather. It’s a little thick for this much humidity. But go inside and pop in a movie and this is the perfect beer for that!” So says the wonderful, Katie. (For those reading for the first time, that’s THE girlfriend)

Powerhouse Brewing
1.21 Gigahops - Being the geek that I am, there was no way I could pass up this beer! I mean, beer AND a Back to the Future reference all in one? Yes, please. The funny thing about this beer is that the hop flavour sticks around. So as you move towards the future of your day, you are taken back to the past by your tastebuds. *crickets* I know…I’ll go put myself in the corner. 

Ceraline Cream Ale - “I would sun bathe with this beer” said Katie as she asked for another sample. Then I tried it. Then I realized that I would sun bathe with this beer as well. It’s a nice easy cream ale that is not thick at all. It was just as refreshing as a nice glass of ice cold water on a hot day. Ok…so maybe not water. But you should be drinking water if you are out drinking on a hot day. “Hydrate or hangover” is what I always say. 

TwoDEEP Brewing Company
Coombah’s Legacy IPA – I went to TwoDEEP for their grand opening and tried their Blanket IPA when it was first brewed (I think it was called something different). I didn’t like it. Don’t worry, I’ve talked to TwoDEEP about this before. It was the same feedback that they were receiving all around. So, they went back and revamped the recipe. This is the fourth installment of their Blanket IPA recipe. This just means a slight variation to the recipe and it is delicious! It’s sweet with just the right amount of bitterness to keep you wanting more.


Tow Yard 
The Hook Up - Talk about a shock to your system, this beer was a well welcomed surprise. They said that it was a Shandy hybrid, but they wouldn’t tell me of what until after I tasted it. This tasty little guy is cross between their Golden Ale and a Citrus forward soda. What that means is that you get a splash (just like the Sunny D commercials) of a sweet citrus flavour followed by the smoothness and easiness of the Goldie Hops. 

Brew Link Brewery
Indiana Nights - These guys a relatively new to the Indiana Craft Beer scene but you wouldn’t guess by their beers. Even though they are still currently working on building their brewery they are putting out top notch beers, like this one, that show they will be a brewery to watch. This cross between an IPA and an Amber provides you with the hoppiness of an IPA and the crispness and caramel flavours of an Amber.

Triton Brewing
Wit or Wit-Out You - If you read that and then didn’t immediately sing the 1987 song by U2 well…you’re a stronger person than I. I’m sure that most have tried this seasona; beer before, but this was the first time that I have tried it though and I just loved it. The citrus taste, the after taste of…huh…I have it labeled here as “ghost” in my notes. Ok…not sure what I meant by that. Anyway! This is just a very well balanced and well brewed beer that I wish was more readily available around the city because I would buy it all up for myself. I’m selfish like that. 

You know, one of these times you’re just going to have to come to one of these events. I secretly tell you how many breweries are there, and then only give you a few reviews of the beers on purpose. That’s right. On purpose. See, I want you to wonder why I’m not writing about every one of the beers I try. I want you have curiosity as to what I am truly hiding from these events. But most of all, I want you to go out and try them for yourself. These events are a great way to meet people who are passionate about supporting local business. Whether it is a new brewery like Brew Link or a veteran brewery like Sun King. 

It’s not just about going out and drinking (I mean yes, it’s about that as well) but it is also about trying new things, finding new hobbies, meeting new people, and having a great time in the short Indiana summers that we get. Festivals like Fishers On Tap, or Anderson Brew Fest that I covered previously, are a perfect place to start. You will get that one on one experience. You won’t be judged, you won’t be made fun of for not knowing anything about beer. That’s not what these events are about. They are about expanding your options when it comes to enjoying a “nice cold one” on a hot day. Get out there, grab a sample glass, and enjoy what Indiana is quickly developing a name for ourselves in across the nation. 

There are a few great events coming up very shortly that would be perfect for you! You can find a full Google calendar list of events on the IndianaOnTap event page here. Also make sure that you follow and like Indiana On Tap on Facebook and Twitter to get daily reminders on events going on around the state. Until next time, bottoms up! 

Bottoms up! 

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