Episode 11: Hop Farming with Eight One Two Farms

IOT on Air

Episode 11: Hop Farming with Eight One Two Farms

IOT on Air

The boys from Eight One Two Farms joined us (well, joined Matt and producer Brad because Dustin had a “scheduling conflict”) to talk about hop farming and opening a brewery. Hop farming, especially on the small-scale, is a growing trend, but Eight One Two is upping the ante by introducing indoor growing, creating new hop flavors, and adding a brewery to their farm.

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Show Notes:

  1. Indiana on Tap Tasting Society Marketplace
  2. Jockey Box Hero
  3. Meadful Things and Outciders Festival
  4. Mad Anthony Force to Rebrand Hopsquatch IPA to Mosaic Moon
  5. Sun King to distribute in Chicago and Louisville
  6. 2017 Indiana Brewers Cup Winners
  7. Independent Craft Brewer Seal

Beer Flight:

  1. 450 North Space Haze
  2. Six Points Puff
  3. 450 North Dank Candy – Rainbow Drops
  4. Golden Road Wolf Pup
  5. Brew Link Insert Hop Reference

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