Buzzed IN with Tony Fleming & Will Moorman of Tow Yard Brewing

Buzzed IN with Tony Fleming & Will Moorman of Tow Yard Brewing


By Sarah Burns for Indiana On Tap

When I interviewed Tony Fleming (Head Brewer) and Will Moorman (Assistant Brewer) from Tow Yard, I knew what I was getting myself into.  I may have had to censor some of the interview as to not offend some of our more delicate audience. They are two of my most favorite people because they are hilarious dudes.  They also gave me a can of beer from one of our other partners Burn ‘Em Brewing so now we’re best friends.  I’m glad I interviewed them at the same time because I’m not sure how they would have done individually.  They do everything together, as you’ll see.

Me (S):  If you guys had a pet unicorn, what would you name it?  (after a long pause) You don’t have to come up with a consensual answer.

Tony (T):  Yeah we do.

Will (W):  We do everything together.  We finish each others…
T: Uh…sandwiches.  Triceratops

W:  Triceratops is a great name.

S:  What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

W:  Damn near anything.  Horrible unforgivable things.  I’d punch Chance (head sales guy) in the face right now.

T: I’d watch!  What else would I do, I’d probably…

W:  I’d yell at Lyla (bartender) ‘til she cried.

T:  Oh, I could berate some b****es

S:  Do you guys prefer rice or noodles?

W:  Noodles for days.  We do the noodle dance.

S:  I would love to see that.

T:  Well, fried rice and sticky rice that’s something I could talk about.

W: Yeah, yeah.

T: Rice noodles!

W:  Good combo.  Not a bad idea.

S:  This is one submitted by the @dumpbuckets.  Would you rather drink a homebrewer’s first batch or (insert name of crappy watered down beer that rhymes with Pud Fight) for the rest of your life?

W:  Homebrewer’s first batch.

T: Homebrewer’s first batch.

W: It’s got more character.  Even if it isn’t great….

T: Even if it’s terrible you can still talk about it.  When you drink a (again insert name of aforementioned icky beer) it’s still just (name of icky beer again).

W: It’s just gonna be garbage through and through.

T: Like, you know what you’re getting into.  At least with a homebrewer it’s like a little treasure.


S: This one is from @thedumpbuckets again. The most dateable cartoon character on a Nickelodeon show.

T: Sandy.  Sandy the Squirrel.

W: I’d say Patty Mayonnaise for sure….Sandy the Squirrel?  Sponge Bob’s been trying to date her for years and that s**t’s not going anywhere.

T: Or uh, Angelica was a b***h but you know what? I can tell…

W: She was a toddler.

T: What???

S: I don’t know if I like where he’s going with this…

T: Eliza Thornberry.

W: Now we’re getting somewhere.

T: Because she’s got her dad Nigel.  I wanna be in that family.

W: That’d be a good family to hang out with.

(They couldn’t believe I didn’t know who the Thornberry’s were)

S: What year is this? 

W: Late 90’s, 2000’s, something like that.

S: I was in high school then.

W: Too cool for cartoons?  Oh whatever.  I had little brothers so cartoons were always on.

S: Well, thank you guys so much.  See? Quick and painless

W: That hurt a little bit.

S: Really?  What was the most painful part of it?

W: The most painful part of the interview was…

T: Sitting next to Will.

W: Or not getting to punch Chance.

Poor Chance.  Please make sure to visit Tow Yard and grab some good grub and amazing beer made by these two clowns.  They have an offer in the Tasting Society Marketplace where you can get $5 towards the purchase of any single pint of Tow Yard beer.  While you’re there, please check on Chance and make sure they haven’t punched him for a Klondike Bar.

Until next time, cheers!

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