Buzzed IN With Brandon Smith From Redemption Alewerks

Buzzed IN With Brandon Smith From Redemption Alewerks


By Sarah Burns for Indiana On Tap

(Editor’s note: this story has been changed to reflect the correct writer’s headshot)

Today, I did my first Buzzed IN Q&A. I’m excited to bring you this series of interviews with people in the Indiana brewing industry. Now, I love beer and I could have asked a million beer questions but I wanted to get deeper than that and really get to know the people that create Indiana’s most important resource (in my opinion).

I met with Brandon Smith, co-founder and bartender extraordinaire, at Redemption Alewerks for this first plunge into the depths of buzzed interviewing. This is ground breaking journalism people so brace yourselves.

Me (S): “So, how do you feel about Jorts?”

Brandon: “Jorts?  I love them.”

S: “You do!? Do you own a pair?”

B: “I do but I don’t usually wear them in public because I have bird legs.”

S: “Did you make them yourself?”

B: “I did.”

(They actually had a Jorts Day at Redemption. I am strongly pulling for them to have another one. For those of you that don’t know what jorts are, they are jeans that are cut off and made into shorts.)

S: “What do you think about the 80s awesome or lame?”

B: “It’s the perspective. Music is awesome. The fashion was pretty sad. I don’t know. I guess some of it’s ok and some of it’s pretty lame.”

S: “You probably should get some leg warmers to wear with your jorts.” (cue the roaring laughter)

B: “That’s true.”

S: “Okay, so this is a good one for you. How do you take your coffee?” (I rarely see this dude without a coffee mug in hand.)

B: “Black with a little sugar. Sometimes I put a little honey simple syrup in there. That’s what I did this morning.”

S: “If you had to be a centaur, what animal would you be? Like what animal would you mix with, and would you have the upper half or lower half stay human?”

B: “Probably the upper half stay human.”

S: “Okay, so what would the lower half be? Cat?”

B: “That’d be pretty cool. A big cat though like a lion or tiger. Probably a tiger.”



S:  “Did you sleep with a stuffed animal when you were growing up?”

B:  “When I was really little, yes.”

S:  “So like until you were 13?”

B: (laughing) “Yeah.”

S:  “What was it?  What was its name?”

B:(pretending like he had a hard time remembering) “I had a foot long, foot tall stuffed He Man.”

S: “So, his name was He Man probably?” (This just occurred to me. What an original name for a male cartoon character. LAME)

B: “Yeah.”

S: “I have to ask you a mandatory beer question. Well it’s not so much beer but what’s your best, like your favorite hang over cure?”

B: “Probably a Bloody Mary. That’s my most PC answer.”

I know the non PC answer but I’ll never tell…

Be sure you stop into Redemption Alewerks, grab a drink, say hello to Brandon, and put your vote in for another jorts day. They are a part of our Tasting Society Marketplace so grab a membership before you head in and get $6 toward the purchase of a flight of six five ounce pours of Redemption Alewerks Beer.

Until next time…. CHEERS!

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  • Mike
    Posted at 17:39h, 07 October Reply

    I mean he’s dead on for the hangover cure except one of Redemption’s great Bloody Mary’s mixed with that not so PC thing is ideal….

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