Break into homebrewing with Great Fermentations’ Beginning Brewing classes

Break into homebrewing with Great Fermentations’ Beginning Brewing classes


By Adam T. Schick for Indiana On Tap

Did you know that your friendly local homebrew supply shop is also the go-to place for classes aimed at helping you get your homebrewing career off the ground in the right fashion? That’s right: Great Fermentations of Indiana has everything you need to turn yourself into a master homebrewer, including beginning brewing classes that focus on providing you with all the correct steps and tips to help you become the best homebrewer you can be.

The Beginning Brewing class is held roughly three times a month, both during weeknight evenings and weekday mornings, giving everyone a chance to attend at their convenience. Classes last around two hours, and include a homebrewing demo led by a Great Fermentations employee, as well as tips and tricks regarding ingredients, proper sanitation, and the brewing process and science behind it as a whole. Best of all, classes are only $20 to attend, a small price to pay to ensure you don’t waste more money on ingredients going into bad batches of beer (I have experienced this firsthand).

Indiana On Tap’s own Sarah Burns recently attended her first Beginning Brewing course, partially as a spectator, partially as someone who was genuinely interested in the process of homebrewing. Here’s what she had to say:


“It’s a small miracle that beer happens and it tastes good.  There’s so much science that goes into brewing and making beer and it makes my head hurt but makes me appreciate how smart these people are that come up with the recipes.  It really is amazing.

The Beginning Brewing class was headed by Wes (Martin, listed as a Serial Brewer on the GFI website).  He has a liberal arts degree but is so smart about beer science.  It’s a great class to take even you aren’t thinking of brewing so that you can truly appreciate all that goes into making it.  Even people that had brewed before were in class.”

See, even folks that have experience homebrewing attend these sessions, either to get a refresher on a basic process or to hone in on a specific skill. For anybody interested in becoming the best homebrewer they can be, the Beginning Brewing classes at Great Fermentations are the best place to start. If you’re a little more advanced, Great Fermentations offers classes on all-grain brewing and kegging courses, as well as classes on winemaking, cheesemaking, fermenting foods, and special Friday night meetings that serve as open houses for all to come in and talk shop with fellow brewers and hobbyists. 

You can find a complete list of class schedules and locations, with links to register and hold your spot, at

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