Boiler Up! While Chowing Down: Purdue Beer Fest Serves Good Eats With Great Drinks

Boiler Up! While Chowing Down: Purdue Beer Fest Serves Good Eats With Great Drinks


By Sarah Burns for Indiana On Tap

My husband and I attended the Beer Fest at Purdue University (Boiler Up!) on October 16th.  It took place at Marriott Hall on campus and was put on by the school of Hotel and Tourism Management, specifically the 492 class, which the event was actually a lab for them.  Does that make us lab rats?

There was a five course meal paired with five different beers from Indiana Breweries.  Upland Brewing Company, Sun King Brewery, andPeople’s Brewing Company were all represented.  The food was Oktoberfest cuisine, and music was performed by Traveling Broke and Out of Gas.  I guess I would describe their style as a mix between folk and bluegrass.  It was very cool to see that people still use washboards as instruments.

The first course was a huge soft pretzel with beer cheese.  Holy mouthgasm… That beer cheese was amazing.  I could have drank it out of a mug.  I’m a sucker for a soft pretzel and cheese though.  The pretzel was paired with People’s Germanfest.  People’s is located in Lafayette so it makes total sense that they would be featured at this event.

The second course was a short rib sauerbraten and was served with whipped sweet potato.  I don’t think I’ve ever had whipped sweet potatoes, but they were super tasty and were paired with People’s Munchner Rauchbier.  This was a very smokey beer and the pairing was right on.

Course three was schnitzel with herb mustard spätzle.  They served that with Sun King’s Sun Oktoberfest.  The schnitzel was amazing.  I’ve never had spätzle but that was pretty good as well.  Sun King had a booth there with some representatives who gave me a “sample” of Department of Leisure Services.  Shout out to Ben for being so nice and giving me a koozie. I love free swag!!

Currywurst with fries was course four.  Now, I’m not a sausage fan so I can’t say that I tried this but it did look good and now I know what Currywurst is thanks to Google.  That was paired with Sun King’s Sun Light Cream Ale, always a great go to beer for any occasion.

The final course was apfelstrudel with dunkel beer ice cream paired with Upland’s Bad Elmer.  Beer ice cream!?!?  Yes please!  So good.  The Bad Elmer was a nice choice of beer to pair with this rich dessert.

Thanks to Holly Tittle-Hudson for the opportunity to experience this amazing event.  The students did great.  The food was fantastic.  The beer was even better!  What a great event!

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