Big Woods and Quaff On! Nashville Never Disappoints

Big Woods and Quaff On! Nashville Never Disappoints


By Sarah Burns for Indiana on Tap

My husband and I went to Nashville, Indiana for a weekend to celebrate his birthday.  We both love it there.  They have some unique shops, great food, and amazing beer courtesy of Quaff On!  That’s the main reason we go and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  Big Woods has incredible food and the beer never disappoints.  I’ve also never had a bad experience with the staff there.

Once we rolled into Nashville, we checked in to our hotel and wasted no time in making our way over to Big Woods for a drink.  I love that building and am very excited that they are taking the same idea of the wood framing to their Speedway location.  After a delightful Santa Quaff there, we went over to Big Woods pizza for dinner and drinks. 

Our bartender, Duffy, was great.  When we sit at the bar, we like to converse and he definitely engaged us in conversation. As I said, I’ve never been disappointed with the Big Wood’s staff.  The people that work there must like it too because I’ve seen some of the same staff year after year.  The pizza that evening was good.  Their crust is my favorite.  Big Woods Pizza or their tap room (which is connected to the pizza place) is the place to go if you want their full beer line up.  So many beers… so many good beers.

After dinner, we went up to the Big Busted Bar for music.  You can always count on Big Woods to have great Bluegrass or Folk music. While we were up there, we met Ed, who is one of the owners, and his wife Flo.  Ed took us over to the distillery (right next to the Big Busted Bar) and showed us their operation.  There used to be some little shops where the distillery is in that building and when Big Woods wanted to expand, they helped the owners of those find new locations.   

Ed let us do some tasting of their whiskey called Hard Truth.  When the owner of a place is giving you a taste of their product, you don’t say no even if you know you make a horrendous face and gag whenever you drink hard liquor straight.  You politely accept and try your hardest to keep it together.

I took a swig of the Hard Truth and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was.  My husband was even shocked that I didn’t make “the face” and start coughing.  They’ve been experimenting with different flavors in the whiskey such as peach, apple pie, and French toast.  The French toast was AMAZING.  I may have had a few “samples” of that flavor.


While we were with Ed, we learned a lot about the process of distribution of a product in the same building of which it’s made (it’s more difficult than you might think).  We also learned about trademarking a name.  I had no idea that companies come up with names and trademark them even if they aren’t using it.  They do it just in case they want to use that name in the future.   You may think you have a unique brand name, but think again.  ​
​After Beer School, which I highly recommend you do, we took a private tour of the new Quaff On! Brewery which is in an old bowling alley.  It’s amazing to see how far this brewery has come in the years we have been going.  They most recently bought Three Pints in Martinsville and are brewing there as well.   Soon, Big Woods will be opening their facility on Main St. in Speedway and a lot of excitement has been building around that.  

Lunch was next at the Big Busted and we went for the pizza of the month which was loaded baked potato.  I had my doubts people.  Mashed potato, broccoli, and sour cream on a pizza?  Trust me when I tell you it was the best pizza I’ve ever had.  We had it for lunch and dinner.  So, as you can tell from that statement, we spent the whole day at the Big Busted and Big Woods Pizza.  At dinner, the chef Danny, even made my husband a special dessert upon my request for his birthday.  A bourbon bacon chocolate chip skillet cookie that was incredible.


Me and Chef Danny
​In conclusion, we love this place for obvious reasons.  If you’ve never been, make the trip.  You’ll love Nashville, Indiana, Big Woods, Quaff On! and their staff.  I’ve never been anywhere like it. 

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