Bier Brewery Helps Toast the Holidays with 2018 Sanitarium Release

Bier Brewery Helps Toast the Holidays with 2018 Sanitarium Release

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

It’s common occurrence at holiday parties to hear people drinking to each other’s health, for to have your health is one of the greatest gifts of all. Bier Brewery is going to help us out with that task again this holiday season with the release of Sanitarium, their multiple award winning Belgian quadrupel.

The word “sanitarium” comes from the Latin “sanitas” meaning health, so with every bottle of Sanitarium that Bier Brewery lets us share in, they are literally helping us drink to everyone’s health. This year’s version of Sanitarium will be released to the public on December 21st at the original Bier Brewery on E. 65th Street, starting at 1pm.

Sanitarium is a true Belgian quad, with yeasty pepper spiciness and big malty breadiness enhanced by additions of dark candy sugar. The Belgian yeast adds fruity esters that remind one of the darker fruits – raisin, dark cherry, plum, and even some molasses. It’s best to drink this version of a Belgian dark strong ale after it has warmed a bit, that’s when all the flavors come out.

The awards this beer has won at national and international competitions are almost too numerous to mention, but we’ll give it a go. It’s a multiple medal winner from the Indiana Brewers Cup, including two golds. Sanitarium also has top honors from the World Beer Cup℠ and the Best of Craft Beer Awards. Finally, there are the two silvers and a gold from the Great American Beer Festival. It’s an impressive resume, and speaks to your need to get this beer. It won’t just help you toast the health of yourself and others during the holidays, it’ll help you be happier.

Bier Brewery has some of the most awarded beers in Indiana, and they’ve got the medals to prove it. image credit:

Indeed, if being happy is part of being healthy, then this year’s Sanitarium will do even more for our health. To add to that happiness, this will be the first year that Sanitarium will be released on tap as well as in bottles. Small portions of this health-inducing beer will be tapped at both 1pm and again at 6pm on the 21st, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. So….. I guess your health and happiness could be negatively affected if you get there too late; let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

The limited availability of the kegged version of Sanitarium requires that each person be restricted to a single 8 oz. pour. But you have other opportunities to partake, as a lead up to this year’s bottle release and tapping, Bier is having another great feature – a lottery for the chance to buy a vertical of every Sanitarium version ever produced. That’s eleven different Sanitariums, from 2012-2018 for the base beer and from 2014-2017 for the barrel aged version. The lottery sign up began on December 4th, and will continue until the winner is selected on the 21st at 8 pm. The winners (2) will have the opportunity to buy a complete vertical for $350. That’s only $10 more per bomber than buying the 2018 version alone, and you’re getting beers that have been out of production for more than half a decade.

There is a limit of two bombers/person for purchase of the 2018 Sanitarium ($20 each), but you can choose to package a bomber and a logo’d tulip glass for $25. If you wish to wait a day, the Bier Brewery-North location will be getting some of the Sanitarium bombers and perhaps some for draft sales on Saturday, the 22nd. For those of you who want to drink great beer from Bier, but may not be into the Sanitarium, their ESB will be on tap on the 21st (and perhaps earlier). It just happens to be the second most medaled beer in Indiana….right behind Sanitarium.

See this link for all the information on the Bier release.

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