Bent Rail Brewery & Restaurant To Host BBQ and Craft Beer Benefit For Hurricane Victims

Bent Rail Brewery & Restaurant To Host BBQ and Craft Beer Benefit For Hurricane Victims

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

The effects of Hurricane Harvey are still being felt in Houston and surrounding parts of Texas. After setting a record for rainfall from a single tropical storm (50+ inches in some places), more than 6.8 million people affected with at least 70 deaths and 500,000 cars underwater, there has now been upwards of 12,000 high water rescues carried out by both professionals and volunteers.

It is heartening to see the help being provided to victims from Texans and other Americans in the wake of the flooding from Hurricane Harvey – now here come Irma and Katia. Photo credit: cnbc

The monetary damage is almost inestimable, but the goodwill and actions from millions around the country has been heartening. So much work is to be done, and help will be needed from all of us for years to come. What is worse, three hurricanes are now formed in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, so the need for funds and help is about to erupt again. Hurricane Irma will strike Florida in the next couple of days (Walter’s and my son is there at university – keep your head down, Aaron), and Hurricanes Jose and Katia will follow unknown paths soon after but are likely to affect Texas and southeast as well.

In the spirit of extended community and good citizenship, Bent Rail Brewery & Restaurant will be hosting a Chef’s Night Off event on the evening of Thursday, September 21st at the brewery (5301 Winthrop Ave. in SoBro) to help with current needs in Texas and the soon to be inundated Florida and southeast. How do chefs show support and raise money – they make great food, like Texas BBQ.

Chef’s Night Off is a group of Indianapolis and Indiana chef’s that host pirate dinners to show off Indiana culinary talent an has developed into a catering entity as well. image credit: Chef’s Night Off

Chefs from Three Floyds (Pat Niebling) Oakley’s Bistro (Steven Oakley), Bent Rail and The Local Eatery and Pub (Craig Baker), Rook (Estaban Rosas), and The Gallery Pastry Shop (Ben Hardy) will be preparing the BBQ, both whole hog and Texas style, along with myriad homemade BBQ sauces and sides. Bent Rail’s brewpub, inside and out, is capable of holding upwards of 300 people, so there is no reason why this can’t be a significant fundraiser for Americans in need.

There will also be complimentary craft beers (included in ticket price) from Three Floyds and Bent Rail and a Bourbon Tasting from Old Forester. Bent Rail’s offerings will include the recently tapped wet hopped American Pale Ale called Fresh Off The Rails and Shawn’s very nice Oktoberfest marzen. Three Floyds hasn’t announced the beers they will be bringing, but this would seem like a nice time to bust out the Zombie Dust.

This evening of food and craft beer for good is sponsored by Three Floyds, Natural Tableware, Sysco Indianapolis LLC, and Dewig Meats. Tickets are on sale (click here) for $60, and a silent auction will be held as well. All proceeds will sent south to aid hurricane relief efforts.

The event is casual and tickets are non-refundable. The food and beer begin at 6:30, so make plans to go to Bent Rail to see some of your favorite chefs, eat some great BBQ, and drink some great beers – all for a great cause.

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