Beer & Ballet Proves Impressive On Both Fronts

Beer & Ballet Proves Impressive On Both Fronts


By Writing & Reporting Community Member Janae Meyers

(This piece is a followup to Nate Lowe’s coverage Thursday of the beer portion)

Hello, Friends (that was my best Jim Nantz impersonation). As Nate mentioned, I will be guest writing about my awesome experience at March 27’s Beer and Ballet event hosted by Sun King and The Ballet Theatre of Indiana. As far as dance goes, I have a background in ballet and modern dance. As far as beer goes, I have a background in… whatever the fraternity across the street usually served during their Friday night parties and Saturday morning tailgates. Nate has been slowly introducing me to the finer crafted things in life, which is why I was so excited when I read about the Beer and Ballet event in the Indianapolis Star, and even more excited when Nate agreed to go.

There were five pieces: four of which were contemporary and one of which was classical. As I have not had the opportunity to see a ballet in a couple years, I enjoyed being able to sit back in my front row seat, watch the graceful dancers, reminisce, and enjoy Sun King’s Cream Ale. For anyone who is new to the craft beer scene, or even just the beer scene in general, I would recommend starting with this one. It has a lighter taste that eases you into the beer; it’s a gateway beer, really. Pairs well with pointed shoes, will consume again.

As Nate mentioned, the pieces were very accessible in that it did not require any background in fine arts to understand the message the dancers were portraying. These are some very talented ladies, and it was apparent that they have worked hard to get to the level at which they perform. Most importantly, though, it was very apparent that they were having fun; the smiles on their faces were genuine.

After the show, Nate and I were able to snag the very busy director of The Ballet Theatre of Indiana, Stirling Matheson, who mentioned that they plan to do this event annually (around February, so gentlemen, keep your eyes peeled for Valentine’s Day) as well a few other performances throughout their season. While I enjoyed Sun King’s contributions, and I certainly hope to see them back next year, I think it would be great if a few more breweries were able to participate in this unique collaboration.

Attending this event made me want to dig up my old ballet shoes, but I am not entirely sure where I have stashed them. One thing is for sure, though: I will certainly be marking my calendar for next year’s Beer and Ballet event! Best of luck to The Ballet Theatre of Indiana and their upcoming performance in May!

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