Back Alley Brewery now open

Back Alley Brewery now open


By Eric Strader of The Elkhart Truth

If you are looking for someplace to watch the big game (football, baseball, soccer, and yes, hockey season is already under way), you have eight, 50 inch screens to choose from at the Back Alley Brewery.  Last weekend, Larry Libey opened the new brewery behind his winery, Gateway Cellar, located at 211 S. Main St.  He will not have his own beer on tap for a bit yet, and I most recently reported that he will only have yellow fizzy beers on tap at first.  Since then, he has had a change of heart for those of us who would prefer “non fizzy-yellow” beers.   Currently, he also has Michelob Amber Dark, Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat (4.2% ABV, IBUs 18) and soon he will add Three Floyds Alpha King (American Pale Ale, 6.66% ABV, IBUs 66).

Larry has been taking his beer to some festivals and tastings in the area.  At the most recent event in Howe, his dark Bavarian style lager was the big hit.

There are some new things on tap at the Constant Spring as well.  First off of note is Evil Czech Voodoo (Vanilla Rye Porter, 4.6% ABV, IBUs 30).  It started out with some burnt carbon on the nose (this is not a bad thing at all, and really compliments the style) with some roasted malt, vanilla, and chocolate.  Although not  a smoked beer, there was just a touch of smokiness to the flavor with a rich malt taste, and a smooth sweet finish.  I have been impressed with other Evil Czech beers that I’ve had, and I’m glad that we are seeing their beers more locally.

Other rotating taps include Left Hand Brewing Octoberfest (6.6% ABV, IBUs24)Three Floyds Munsterfest (Bavarian style Oktoberfest Bier, 6% ABV, IBUs 30),Southern Tier Pumking (Imperial pumpking ale, 8.6% ABV), Southern Tier 2X Rye(double rye India pale ale, 8.1% ABV), andDrewery’s Lager.

Aaron told me that he is probably going to have a new mug each year for the mug club.  He’s not sure on all of the details at this point, but he will likely start renewing memberships around November in time for the holidays.  So if you are a current mug club member, keep your eyes and ears open so you don’t miss out.

Lastly, if you have walked downtown Goshen recently, you will see another local mainstay of Goshen has an orange beer permit application in their window.  Details for this are unclear at this point, and they are not saying anything about this until they get just a bit farther along in the process.  Just one more sign that Goshen is a beer destination city.

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