Anderson Brewfest Highlights Local Businesses Alongside Excellent Beers

Anderson Brewfest Highlights Local Businesses Alongside Excellent Beers


By Writing & Reporting Community Member Tyler McCord

Well hello again! Have you been to any craft beer events since the last time you heard from me? I hope so! I hope that you were able to get out there and try and find a new local favorite beer. I had the pleasure of going to the Anderson Brewfest on Saturday, June 6. This wasn’t anything that I expected it to be, and that was a pleasant surprise!

Now, that’s not a jab at Anderson or anything. What I mean is that it wasn’t a typical beer fest. You see, they went above and beyond for this fest. As great as having a fest with hundreds of brewers can be, it was great to see one that featured around 20 local Indiana breweries but also gave local artist, crafters, and businesses space to set up booths. Sure you’ll find a few of these booths at the bigger fests, but not like this. There were just as many local vendors as there were breweries. There was live music, there were educational showcases about brewing your own beer, food trucks, and so much more. This gave you the opportunity to take a small break from the beer and enjoy some of the finer things from around the state. Overall, this fest wasn’t just about the beer; it was about supporting local businesses.

Well, onto the good stuff! The beer! So there were about 20 different breweries there and with plenty of time to try every single one of the beers that they brought that made for about 60 different types of beer. I know. I tried every single one. Ok, well…maybe I missed one or two. But I was close! Like last time I am going to highlight a few of my favorite beers, as well as some of the insider information about some upcoming awesomeness. 


New Corner Brewing
IPR IPA - I know, it’s kind of a generic name for a beer but it is also an experimental beer by New Corner. Even though they didn’t identify it as an IPA, it sure taste like one. The hops hit you almost immediately but didn’t last long. If you had been drinking IPA all night and needed a little break this would be the beer that I would choose. 

Triton Brewing Company
Beer Hammock Shandy - This sweet tasting little shandy was a refreshing blast of honey and fruit. It wasn’t overly sweet either. You know the type of sweet, the one that tastes like you’re drinking koolaid? Not this beer. The balance of this shandy makes it easily enjoyable on a beach, or you know…Lake Michigan. 

Taxman Brewing Company
Deduction - It’s hard to find a double that I’m not going to like, especially a Belgian double. This one is no different. Though, it didn’t have your normal sweetness that typically comes with a double. It was though, very smooth to drink and had a dry finish. Not sure how they pulled off the dry finish, but it worked. It made me want to keep drinking. 

Hop Audit - Do you like hops? No? Then you probably won’t want to try this beer. However, if you love hops then you’ll love this beer! Regardless of your view of hops though, this beer was still manageable. It wasn’t anything like Panzer Wolf from 3 Floyd’s (holly hopful, Batman) but it definitely earns the name Hop Audit.  

Wooden Bear Brewing
Big Paw Porter - There are thick porters and there are light porters. This porter falls in the middle somehow. Not nearly as thick as a Guiness, but a nice smoky flavour accompanies that medium thickness. 

Barley Island Brewing Company
Cork County Red Cream Ale - This delicious little treat is a cross between a Red Ale and a Cream Ale (hence the name…get it?). It brings the smoothness and flavour of a Red Ale and the thickness of a Cream Ale for a great blend that would be easy for anyone to enjoy. 

Be on the lookout for Deer Creek Brew, and expansion from Barley Island.

Three Pints Brewing Company
Darth Farmers - Ok…I need to figure out how to explain this one properly because it is something that you have to try! It’s a black saison with a strong presence of lemongrass that just make this beer so tasty. Even in my notes, I wrote “tasty tasty”. What? This was pretty far along in the beer fest. Let’s see your notes after all that! 

Banana Split (working name) – I say this is a working name because it’s kind of an experiment from Three Pints. Well, maybe not an experiment, but a new mixture. They take their Chocolate Raspberry Stout (which is amazing, by the way) and their H.I.L.F. With these two mixed together you get an amazing banana split flavour. How? I don’t know, but it works! Ask for it the next time you are in their brewery. 

Redemption Aleworks
Salvation Orange Blossom Honey Wheat - Imagine, if you will, taking an orange and coating it in honey, and dropping it into a wheat beer and that is this beer. I’m not over exaggerating about that flavour at all either. 

Books & Brews
The Pleasure to Burn - They warned me, and I laughed. They said it tastes like the Fireball candy, and I thought “that’s not possible”. Then I took a drink, and I might as well have put five of those little candies in my mouth. It’s a good beer, but for me…I would only be able to have one. If you love those Fireball candies though head over to Books and Brew and grab a pint. 

Hoosier Brewing Company 
Hoosier Hospitality IPA - Don’t let the fact that these guys are only 3 months old sway you. They’ve been brewing for a lot longer than that. Their new location on Mass Ave. boasts 4 staple beers. The Hoosier Hospitality IPA is one of those 4. Remember my better half, Katie? She tried this, even though she’s not a huge IPA fan, and here’s what she had to say: “This is a camp fire IPA, great for those Indiana nights with friends and s’mores.” I have to agree with her on this one. 

450 North
Honey Kolsch - Talking to one of the brewers, Spencer, from 450 North he told me that this beer was kind of a “happy accident”. Not to get too technical with it but this was caused by damage from CO2. But what happened from that is a stronger honey taste which gave this beer a sweet and smooth taste. 

Kolsch Cider - To quote a fellow beer fest attendee “an R rated apple juice”. That’s how she explained it. Seemed a little too sweet for me to keep drinking but most of the other people seemed to love it! Don’t smell it though…just…don’t. 

Trubble Brewing (Ft. Wayne, opening in about 6 weeks)
Mindtrap IPA - I am really looking forward to finding this IPA on tap or in the liquor stores here in Indy soon. It’s one of those stronger IPAs that you could really enjoy all night. While this is an IPA it doesn’t have that strong IPA flavour. Even the non-IPA drinkers will enjoy this beer. 

Well, that’s all I’ll tell you about for this fest. You can see the full tap list that these breweries brought on Anderson Brewfest website. Look for this fest to come back around the same time next year for the 3rd run. The feedback that I got from people who have been to both years is that it was a great improvement from last year. That really just shows that the organizers of this event want this to keep growing and to keep gaining in popularity. I hope that you get a chance to experience this unique fest next year. You can also keep up with Anderson Brewfest on Facebook and Twitter

I hope you have a chance to attend one of the upcoming fests around Indiana. You can find a full Google calendar list of events on the IndianaOnTap event page here. Also make sure that you follow and like Indiana On Tap on Facebook and Twitter to get daily reminders on events going on around the state. Until next time, bottoms up! 

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  • Shanna Henry
    Posted at 05:39h, 12 June Reply

    Tyler and Indiana On Tap!
    Thanks so much for the great write up on our festival! Audra Sternberg and I are thrilled to have so much positive feedback on the concept and atmosphere of our festival and hope to make it even better next year! Thank you so much for your love and support! Giving back to our community and supporting Indiana local are our main goals with this festival. We hope to do it again and again. Cheers!!

    • Tyler McCord
      Posted at 06:49h, 12 June Reply

      Shanna, it was an absolute pleasure attending this fest! We had such a great time and are eagerly waiting for next year! Cheers!

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