A Listing of Where You Can Share a Beer With Lassie in Southern Indiana

A Listing of Where You Can Share a Beer With Lassie in Southern Indiana

by Mark E. Lasbury for Indiana On Tap

Recently (linked here) we talked about where dogs were allowed in the breweries and taprooms of Central Indiana and the difference between service animals and pets in the eyes of the state. Today we can talk about Southern Indiana, as well as the idea of what makes a good taproom for dogs and a good dog for taprooms.

Some states are passing laws to allow dogs and cats in brewery taprooms. Additionally, some who had outlawed them and are now returning to previous  rules (NC). On the other hand, a look the other way policy in some states has been replaced with strict adherence to statutes on animals in food establishments (CO). Consequently, if you travel with your dog, it would pay to learn what the laws are in the places you’re visiting, even though dogs are most often always allowed on patios. The only thing that might throw you a curve is a brewery policy prohibiting dogs – like remember, there are many reasons they might choose not allow dogs. But just because you can take your dog to the taproom doesn’t mean you should. There are issues with both dogs and taprooms that might make it better to leave Lassie at home or in the car (humanely, of course).

Dog traits – Does your dog play well with other dogs? Often your dog won’t be the only animal at the taproom. Does your dog do OK around other people? Not everyone is polite enough to ask whether it’s OK to approach your dog. Is your dog aggressive and tries to assert dominance? Holy City Brewing in Charleston, SC banned dogs after the fifth time a server was bitten, the last time being on the face. Does your dog need a lot of attention? This might make an afternoon or evening with friends less about your friends. Is your dog skittish? If he/she jumps at loud noises or sudden movements, it may be stressful to take them to the brewery. Is food a constant temptation for your dog? Your table neighbors might not be happy with losing their plate to your companion.

The next people at your table will probably be happier knowing there wasn’t a dog up on it. image credit: Long Haul Trekkers

Taproom traits – The layout and the ambience of the taproom matter for dogs too. Loud music? Fewer dogs are going to be happy there. I’d like to say that busier taprooms aren’t good for dogs, but several taprooms in Indiana dispel that idea, as long as the dogs themselves can handle it. Spacing does matter though; how close tables are together, how many sq. ft. there are to a patio or taproom, these all help determine how dog-friendly a taproom might be. The previous point is salient also for the size of the dog; enough space for a Yorkie is likely not enough space Great Dane. If a taproom has a lot of food (either from a truck or from things people bring in) it will be less amenable for dogs in general, there’s just so much temptation a dog can resist. One thing that always helps a taproom be dog-friendly is water dishes and perhaps dog treats. Another is using plastic cups – they may not be great for the beer, but it prevents glass shards that could harm the paws.

These points being made (although probably not comprehensive given that Walter and I have cats, not dogs), here are the southern Indiana breweries and taprooms and where they allow pets (not service animals):


In the taproom and perhaps more:

Carson’s Brewery in Evansville –  in the taproom and on the patio

Chateau De Pique Winery/Brewery in Seymour – allowed in tasting room, on patio, and on grounds, but must be on leash

Friendly Beasts Cider in Bloomington – in the tasting room

Haynie’s Corner Brewing in Evansville-  in the taproom, if on a leash

image credit: Mad Paddle Brewery

Mad Paddle Brewing in Madison – in the taproom and on patio (seasonal, but you’re welcome out there any time if you can take the temperature).

Myriad Brewing in Evansville –  in the taproom and on the year round patio

Our Lady of Perpetual Hops in New Albany – they are allowing dogs in taproom now while they work with health department (so it could change), and are planning on putting in a patio this spring, dogs will be allowed there.

Point Blank Brewing at Beaver Street Brick Oven in Corydon –   in the taproom and on year round patio

Switchyard Brewing in Bloomington – in the taproom and on the year round patio

Upland Brewing west side Bloomington taproom – in the taproom and on the patio


In the patio/garden/other only:

Bloomington Brewing at Lennies in Bloomington –  on the seasonal patio

Cardinal Spirits in Bloomington –  on the seasonal patio

image credit: Civilian Brewing Corps

Civilian Brewing Corps in Spencer – they are constructing a beer garden and patio now where dogs will be allowed year round.

Damsel Brew Pub in Evansville –  on the patio year round as long as your comfortable

Donum Dei Brewery in New Albany –  on the seasonal patio

Feed Store Beer Company in Bloomfield –   not open yet, but when they do open they won’t allow dogs in the taproom but will on the patio.

Floyd County Brewing Company in New Albany –  this is one of the more dog-friendly breweries in the state. They are allowed in the beer garden, inside the Grain Haus Bar, and in The Enchanted Forest music venue (unless there is a large event and it wouldn’t be safe for them)

Function Brewing in Bloomington –  on the seasonal patio

Great Crescent Brewery in Aurora –  on the year round patio, if you can take the weather

Growler USA in Jeffersonville – on the year round patio

image credit: Hog Molly Brewing

Hog Molly Brewing in Columbus – They are building a deck very soon, and dogs will be welcomed on it.

Lil’ Charlie’s Restaurant & Brewpub in Batesville –  on the seasonal patio

Oddball Fermentables in Bloomington –   on the year round patio

Red Foot Brewing at The Red Yeti in Jeffersonville –  on the seasonal patio

St. Benedict’s Brew Works in Ferdinand – on the year round patio

Salt Creek Brewery in Bedford –    on their  grounds, on the patio, and in their tent

Seymour Brewing at Brooklyn Pizza in Seymour –  on the year round patio

The Tap Brewery in Bloomington –  on the seasonal patio

Tell City Brewing at the Pour Haus in Tell City –  on both year round patios

Upland Brewing brewpub in Bloomington and Columbus – on the patios in Bloomington and in Columbus

ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewery in Columbus –   on the year round patio



image credit: Basket Case Brewing

450 North Brewing in Columbus –   no

Basket Case Brewing at Mill House Restaurant in Jasper –   no

Creek Bottom Brewery in Oldenburg –   is opening a taproom, but won’t allow dogs as a  safety issue

New Albanian Brewing Company in New Albany –   no

New Madison Brewing in Madison – no, but may put in a patio in near future where they would be allowed.

Turoni’s Main Street Brewing in Evansville –   no

Upland Brewing Woodshop in Bloomington – no

Quaff On! Brewing (all locations) –   none of the locations of Big Woods, Quaff On! or Hard Truth allow dogs anywhere.

Vincennes Brewing in Vincennes –   no, but that may change in the near future, stay tuned


Next time we’ll talk about the breweries and taprooms in the northern part of Indiana and which allow dogs and where.


Walter’s Words of Wisdom: Don’t use black coasters, you can’t write your flight choices on them.


banner image credit: Sidewalkdog.com

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