6 Dirty Lies Men Spread About Women And Beer

6 Dirty Lies Men Spread About Women And Beer


By The Beer Wench of Thrilist

Men, I’ve got a bone to pick. I’ve had it up to here with articles written by you (men), presumably targeted to other yous (also men), discussing how to get women to drink beer. Are these articles condescending and offensive? Absolutely! But also, they’re almost always flat-out wrong.

Thing is, men aren’t the only ones guilty of writing misguided articles about getting women to drink beer — some have been penned by women who also have little to no knowledge about beer. And frankly, I don’t know which one is worse: men pretending to actually understand women, or women who don’t know a bock from a black and tan writing beer advice columns. Both scenarios kind of suck. And both make me go on super-femmy social media tirades heavily laced with my most favorite expletives. Not exactly a reputation builder.

There are countless misconceptions about beer that need to be addressed and corrected. And as both a member of the va-jay-jay club and someone who sells and writes about beer for a living, my ego thinks that I’m the perfect person to address the fallacies in the most common “how to get your woman to drink beer” argument. Here we go.

Lie #1: Beer is a manly man’s beverage
The Truth: Women invented beer, fellas, so you best recognize
And women didn’t just invent the finest beverage on the planet; they were also the only ones allowed to brew it for quite some time. The ancient Sumerians, aka the people who realized that beer was a thing, and that it was great, used to worship the goddess Ninkasi: the goddess of brewing and beer. And btw, goddess implies vagina... CLICK HERE TO READ ALL OF THE LIES AT THRILIST

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