5 Things You Didn’t Know About New Albanian Brewing Company

5 Things You Didn’t Know About New Albanian Brewing Company

By David Kahl

By David Kahl

New Albanian Brewing Company continues to serve fresh, local beer to the good folks of southern Indiana as it has done since 2002. With two locations offering three different experiences, everyone in the region’s beer community knows of their awesome offerings. But, you may not be aware of some of the lesser-known trivia about NABC. Here are five things you didn’t know about New Albanian.

NABC is majority owned by women
NABC underwent a change of ownership lately (well, really, a change of shareholdings) when Roger Baylor left the business to run for mayor of New Albany. As he departs, the sister team of Amy Baylor and Kate Lewison assume majority control of the company. Beer, of course, is gender neutral.

The Public House has no TVs to promote conversation, like a European pub
Don’t expect to watch the big game at The Public House, located adjacent to the pizzeria. It doesn’t have any televisions. The Pizzeria and Bank Street Brewhouse locations do, but the Public House is for conversation, usually about beer, politics, life, love, or anything else you feel the need to discuss without distractions.

NABC started out as a defunct Noble Roman’s
NABC started by taking over a failing Noble Roman’s franchise, and originally called Sportstime Pizza in 1987. The building was purchased, the pizza upgraded, and eventually in 2002, the beer brewed. The Pizzeria and Public House now boasts one of the best pies in the Louisville area. Try a Refrigerator!

All the artwork is done by one man, Tony Beard
Tony Beard started out doing work as a “pizza mechanic” at NABC and eventually landed as the label designer. His credits include no formal training, but his images are awesome nonetheless, and prints can be purchased at the Pizzeria and Public House. His story gives hope to all would be label designers that, with enough beer, there is an artist in us all!

The labels all live in the world of “New Albania”
Speaking of the labels, characters such as Thunderfoot, Hoptimus, She-Devil, Naughty Girl, and the Yakima Cowboy all live in the mythical comic book world of “New Albania”, but they have no story line. They are more like snapshots of a fictional land, where, perhaps you can create your own adventure!

Do you know any other fun trivia about New Albanian? Leave it in the comments below. And next time you are in the New Albany, be sure to pay the NABC a visit.


(photo credit: newalbanian.com)

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