5 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Taxman Brewing

5 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Taxman Brewing


By Laura Menard

From the size of the crowds out in Bargersville, you wouldn’t guess that Taxman Brewing has only been in operation for a few short years. An ode to all things Belgian style, Taxman delivers with its flagship beers, showcasing the rich yeasty, fruity, and complex flavors the style is known for. This unique brewery, admittedly off the beaten path for most, has captured the hearts, minds, and taste buds of Indiana. In case you were still on the fence about making the trek, here are five reasons to get yourself down south for the Taxman experience. Got one to add? Let us know in the comments! 

Great Belgian-style Beers
This one is something of a no-brainer. When you think Taxman, if you’re at all familiar with their operation, you think of La Maison, their farmhouse, or Wit-Held, their Belgian wit. Taxman brewers don’t just have a passing appreciation for the style, though. Three of the brewery founders actually met in Belgium, and it was there that they fell in love with the Belgian beer style. Back in the States, they took that passion and put it to work at their Bargersville facility. Many of their beers are traditional Belgian-styles, but others are unique concoctions with a distinct twist that you won’t find at any other brewery. Whatever you’re getting at Taxman, though, you can rest assured that it will be good. 

Death & Taxes Day
Death and Taxes Day, held around the tax deadline, is almost enough to make you glad to see tax season roll around every year. This festival, where Taxman releases their highly sought-after Death & Taxes beer, also features a variety of local food, brew, and entertainment. Death & Taxes, for anyone curious, is a Belgian-style stout aged in bourbon barrels. If that sounds delicious, it’s because it is. This beer tends not to stick around, and although you can sometimes scrounge up a bottle or two at the brewery in the days after the festival, attending Death & Taxes Day is the only surefire way to ensure you get your hands on this unique beer. 

Got kiddos? No problem! This gastropub is open to all ages. Although the immediate bar area is adults-only (21+), there is plenty of family seating both upstairs and downstairs. The noise level is perfectly reasonable for family dinner – not so quiet that a toddler’s babbling will be seen as an imposition (please take the screamers outside, though) but not so loud that it will hurt your little one’s ears. 

Sunday Brunch
So you’ve heard that Taxman can get a little bustling on weekends at dinnertime, but you really want to try out their fantastic beers and fun menu. Not to worry, there’s an option that will let you avoid the crowds and experience the best that Taxman has to offer – a lazy weekend brunch. Brunch runs on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and features an array of the refined soul food that Taxman is known for. They also have house-made mimosas and cheladas to accompany your meal, along with their full beer lineup. Check their Instagram on Sunday mornings to see the latest brunch special. 

Recently Renovated
If you’re a Taxman junkie, you realized that they closed briefly for some renovations. These renovations will help them add more options to the menu and speed up their prep and cooking process. That means quicker food with more variety for you! Come say hi to them soon and congratulate them on their re-opening to see why Taxman is definitely a can’t be missed Bargersville destination. 

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