3rd Annual Pumpkin Beer Fest A Success In Face Of Foul Weather 

3rd Annual Pumpkin Beer Fest A Success In Face Of Foul Weather 


By Tyler McCord for Indiana On Tap 

So there we were, enjoying this light crisp fall weather. You know the kind that is perfect for bonfires, stout beers, and roasting marshmallows.  Then, Saturday morning came and all of that changed! The 3rd Annual Pumpkin Beer Fest at Union Jack’s Pub was met with a breezy, chilly, and wet afternoon. That didn’t stop pumpkin beer fans from all over the city from showing up though. In fact, I don’t think any weather would have kept anyone from showing up. There were over 40 different Pumpkin beers there!

There were plenty of different styles of Pumpkin beers there as well. All the way from your basic pumpkin beer to your more complex stout and barrel aged pumpkin styles. Even with the chilly and wet weather you got a very comfortable fall feeling inside the roped off section, with bales of hay strategically placed throughout, pumpkins, and even a small little (controlled) fire pit right in the middle of everything. That fire really just set the entire mood for the entire fest too.

This was probably one of the smallest fests that I have seen. Not as in the number of beers available, but more as in the overall space size that the fest was held in. This wasn’t a bad thing either! For one thing you didn’t have to walk all over the place to get a beer! But really the best part about the size of the fest was being able to get to know all of the attendees. Almost all of the attendees that I got to speak with had been to the pumpkin beer fest every year. They did say that normally the weather was a little bit better, but they stayed in good spirits about everything.

The one problem that I thought that I would have at this fest was being able to handle all of the pumpkin. As great as pumpkin beers are they aren’t really my forte. But, there were some very delicious pumpkin beers that were here. Let me tell you about some of my favorites!

The Bier Brewery - Bier Pumpkin – This pumpkin beer comes with an assortment of flavors, but none of the flavors that you would expect. Normally you get a strong taste of nutmeg with a pumpkin beer, but not with this one. This one was just smooth with a light pumpkin taste that made you want one more.

Carson’s Brewery - Jackie O’Lantern – I didn’t know if I should drink this or chew this one. I’m not talking about the thickness of the beer either. I’m talking about the fact that this one tasted just like a piece of pumpkin pie. Literally, it was like a piece of pumpkin pie in a glass! If you have the chance, you have to try this delicious pumpkin beer!

Indiana City Brewing - Death by Pumpkin – There honestly isn’t much that can be said about this beer that many other people haven’t already said. If you are looking for one of the best pumpkin beers on the market, this is your lucky day! So make your way to Indiana City Brewing Co. and try it before it is gone!

If you are a fan of pumpkin beers I would highly recommend checking out this fest next year. Despite the limited space, this fest really took the…pumpkin pie! Did I do that right? No? Ok, I’ll show myself out.


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