Central State takeover a perfect kick off to Black Acre’s anniversary week


By Writing Community Member Laura Menard

By now, everyone has heard of The Koelschip. It’s Central State’s new taphouse on Delaware right next to Goose the Market. Before The Koelschip’s debut, you could find their beers at Black Acre, the well-loved Indianapolis staple in Irvington. These two breweries have been tight for a while, even sharing brewing space, so when it came time to kick off Black Acre’s 4 year anniversary party, Central State was ready to kick things off on the right foot with a tap takeover.

What makes Central State unique is the fact that they’re the first brett-focused brewery in Indianapolis. They embrace variety in their brews, not only from beer to beer but from one batch to the next. That’s one of the things that I love about these guys: you never know exactly what they’re dreaming up, but you know it’s going to be a little wild, maybe kinda funky, and most importantly, delicious.

I showed up early Tuesday to snag a seat at the bar and sip on a Trulock’s Revenge while I waited for the 6 o’clock tapping time. Plenty of other people had gotten the same idea – the taproom was full by the time CSB went on. Of the seven beers offered Tuesday night, three were varieties of Bière de Garde, a pale and slightly funky variety of beer that often benefits from bottle conditioning. These particular beers were not going to stick around long enough to sit in a cellar, though. Black Acre and CSB both put their spin on Bearded Gar, a wine barrel aged version of the Bière de Garde, then decided what the heck and blended them both together to make what was in my opinion the standout of the evening.


Another top-notch brew from the lineup was the Totes McOaks, a crisp and refreshing oak-aged pale ale with (of course) the brett to add a little funk. For the casual drinker in need of something a little tart, a little wild, and a lot of tasty, the Road House would hit the spot. Head brewers Steve Ruby of Black Acre and Josh Hambright of CSB made a guest appearance to sip and chat about their beers, which was a fun and informative addition to the evening.  A full lineup is below:

  • Funky House (Rustic Blonde Ale w/blend of Yeast Strains)
  • Road House (Brett Blonde with Cherries)
  • Totes McOaks (Oak-Aged Brett Pale Ale)
  • Cast No Shadow On Liberty (Brett IPA)
  • Bearded Gar CSB (Biere de Garde w/CSB house Brett, wine, and Farmhouse Strains)
  • Bearded Gar BA (Biere de Garde barrel fermented in red wine barrels with East Coast Yeast, Farmhouse Brett, and Brett Anomalus)
  • Bearded Gar Cuvee (Biere de Garde blend of CSB and BA)

Central State’s tap takeover brought just the right amount of adventure to the kickoff of Black Acre’s anniversary week. For remaining tappings and more info on the anniversary party, visit Black Acre’s Facebook page. See you all there! 


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